Hurricane shutters are extremely durable. They secure your windows during from the storm and block and flying debris hurricane winds send your way. What a lot of people don’t realize though is they can serve you in many ways besides protection.

Increase The Value Of Your Home By Installing Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are sure to increase the value of your home. They’re considered a valuable asset because you can’t move them from home to home.

This directly correlates with your homes assessed value. Additionally, buyers who already had a plan to install hurricane protection will feel more inclined to purchase your living space.

Insurance Savings

Another benefit that people don’t usually realize that shutters provide is insurance savings. Tampa Bay homes are very prone to storm damage and your insurance company knows better than anyone how expensive repairs can be. So if you’re taking preventive measures towards damage then your insurance company could end up saving you 10% on your premiums. A wind mitigation test is performed to ensure your whole home is secure, the results are then sent out so you can receive your savings.

Security and Privacy

When you install hurricane shutters you’re also installing a means of security. If someone were to try to break in they would have an extremely hard time getting through your extruded aluminum shutters. If they could even manage in the first place.

Furthermore, shutters provide you with privacy. How far you want to open them is up to you but even when they’re closed you’re able to see out but no one can see inside. So you can have piece of mind you’re privacy is protected.

Boost Exterior Aesthetics With Hurricane Shutters

Shutters can really boost your curb appeal. Potential buyers or people just observing your home are sure to notice your addition of beautiful shutters. Whether you’re going for the classic colonial look with colonial shutters. Or an island feel with the Bahama shutters. They’re sure to boost the exterior aesthetic of your home. Not to mention the color options are almost endless. So you can choose a color that perfectly fits the already existing color on your home.

Energy Efficiency

You could end up running your AC less when you install shutters. They allow you to control how much light you let into your house and sunshine has a big effect on your inside temperature. So during the hottest hours of the day the shade shutters provide will cool down your home.


There are many unconventional ways that hurricane shutters will benefit you. From increasing your homes value to increasing curb appeal your shutters do a lot more than just secure you from storms. So if you’re thinking that purchasing something that will only benefit you a couple months out of the year isn’t worth it, id consider thinking again. If you have any questions or want more information contact Master Aluminum online or give us a call at 727-725-1744.