Master Aluminum is a colonial shutter manufacturer that has been in business since 1987. At Master Aluminum, we pride ourselves in serving the community of Bradenton with elite decorative and impact tested shutters. What sets us apart from competitors is our welded construction. We put care into each of our product satisfaction is a guarantee.

What Are Colonial Shutters?

Colonial shutters attach to the sides of your windows, influencing the look of a colonial estate. There are decorative options for colonial shutters as well as the HV hurricane rated colonial shutter. Whatever you decide to choose, you will receive a durable product. Shutters can also boost the exterior look of your Bradenton home. Custom color options are endless, so you can perfectly match your shutters to the aesthetic of your home. Not to mention shutters offer benefits all year including,

Colonial Vs. Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters differ from colonial in a few ways. First of all, Bahama shutters attach to the top of your window, recreating an “island” look. Whereas colonial shutters attach to the sides of windows. Both are permanently bolted to your windows. Meaning you won’t need to find any extra storage space to put them away. Furthermore, both shutters only take a few minutes to deploy, and one person can quickly get the job done. So you won’t have to scramble before the storm trying to get ready.


Once you have installed shutters from your colonial shutter manufacturer in Bradenton, they require a little maintenance. So first, you need to make sure your shutters aren’t going months without being opened. Once a month, open and close them to make sure everything is functioning properly. Listen for any weird noises and check if all the pieces are in proper places. You don’t want to deploy your shutters for storm and realize something is broken or rusted. Stay prepared always.

When you actually want to wash your shutters though, make sure you don’t use any harsh soaps and abrasive brushes. The aluminum is rather delicate, and hard chemicals and brushes will destroy the integrity of the aluminum. So remember soft brushes and cleaners and use once a month, and that pretty much wraps it up.

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