Master Aluminum in Safety Harbor, Florida provides the highest quality powder coating service around. Here we specialize in manufacturing Bahama and Colonial shutters but extend our powder coating service to all things aluminum. Shutters and other products can be a challenge when it comes to this service due to their many leading ledges and small surfaces.

However, with our experienced professionals, we’re able to provide top-shelf powder coating with ease. As a part of a quality assurance program by the National Accreditation and Management Insitute (NAMI) our powder coating service never disappoints. In addition, we offer product warranties from 3 to 7 years depending on the various options applied to the product.

What We Offer

At Master Aluminum we provide a quality finish for all your louvered shutters and aluminum products with our outstanding powder coating service. Our powder coating technician has been in his field for almost 20 years. This level of experience makes it easy to overcome the many challenges that come with coating multi-paneled shutters.

Furthermore, we guarantee uniformity in your fresh powder coating finish. We do this by consistently monitoring its thickness using a variety of techniques and tools. For instance, our experts regularly implement a digital mil gauge during manufacturing to ensure the condition of our products. In addition, our professionals immediately address and remedy any inconsistencies that may arise.

What Makes Us Different

Something that truly differentiates us from other companies that offer powder coating is that we don’t outsource the process. This results in a better turnaround time for potential or current customers. In other words, there will be no waiting for your product or delays in our powder coating service due to off-site issues. Consequently, our company can expedite orders and offer lower prices to our audience.

Why Do You Need A Powder Coating Service?

A quality home deserves aesthetically pleasing and high-quality products on its face. Hence why our powder coating service is as necessary as it is. You don’t want your beautiful home dragged down by dull or unpleasant-looking shutters or even a dingy rain gutter. With this service, your shutters and any aluminum product from us stands out with an almost luminescent shine. In addition, it elevates the workmanship of a product thereby making its appearance increase in value.

Powder Coating Service Techniques


The steps for our powder coating service are fairly simple but still require a degree of diligence and precision that only an experienced hand knows. To begin professionals clean the product of any grease or grime. However, our metal comes directly from a mill so this step is generally unnecessary as the pieces arrive practically pristine.

Acid Etching And Power Washing

Next in our powder coating service is the acid etching process to remove oils and any loosened aluminum debris that came from the assembly. For this, the selected aluminum product hangs on racks and experts spray it with acid. Then a thorough pressure washing eliminates the sprayed-on acid and any other minuscule particles. Every inch of the surface area receives attention and professionals specifically implement deionized water. Regular water contains various chemical elements, such as iron and calcium, that negatively affect the adhesion and durability of our powder coating finish.

Sealant And Baking Time

Next professionals spray on a sealant to encase the aluminum and increase the adhesion strength of our powder coating. Now the product is ready to bake in a large convection oven for about 7 minutes. For our powder coating service, the length of bake time does vary depending on the components included in the product. For instance, if house shutters are the product they may include hinges, telescoping arms, and a number of panels which all affect the product’s bake time.

Powder Coating Application

Once the aluminum is fully dried and cooled it can be brought over to another spray booth. Here the powder coating finish is electrostatically applied. As mentioned previously, our coating is rigorously checked to maintain its standard thickness of .025-.035 inches (25-35Mils). This is generally done by our experts with an electronic mil gauge.