Our frequent storms and a six month hurricane season can take its toll on both commercial and residential buildings. But as a business, the last thing you want to see is a dip in customers when a storm is on the approach. 

So, the next time there’s a sign of a storm – let’s give your customers a safe place to seek shelter.

Commercial storm shutters Tampa Bay 

Master Aluminum offers two styles of hurricane shutter in Tampa Bay – Bahama or Colonial. Both designs are engineered to meet hurricane rated specifications under the Florida Building Code. All shutters are available in various colors so you can choose the perfect fit for your brand. 

Our most popular commercial storm shutters Tampa Bay are the HV Bahama shutters. These affix to the top of your windows and extend outwards. On the other hand, the HV Colonial swing sideways. Alternatively, you can browse our architectural and decorative foil blade products. These still offer adequate protection against our storms. We are more than happy to have a chat about which shutters are best for your building.

Although, if you want to really stand out from the curb, ask us about our custom shapes. That’s right – we provide shutters for arches as well as doors and patios. 

Welded aluminum storm shutters 

The most resilient commercial storm shutters Tampa Bay rely on neither screws nor rivets. Instead, they are welded. This provides the most durable form of protection against hurricanes. With the absence of screws, your shutters are resistant to damage caused by our salty coastal air. As a further form of fortification, we powder coat all our shutters. 

Our welded shutters are much more aesthetically pleasing than other options on the market!

Safeguard your property 

Our commercial storm shutters Tampa Bay are suitable for any type of business. Banks, cafes, hotels, shops, and beyond! All of our products are custom made as per your property’s requirements. 

In addition to protecting against inclement weather, they provide shade during those hot Floridian summer afternoons. From a security perspective, they also help defend your business against potential theft and vandalism. You may even find that installing our hurricane rated storm shutters lowers your insurance premium. 

Warranty and care

All our shutters are manufactured right here in Florida. Whichever option you choose, it will come with a warranty. This will vary from three to seven years and will depend on the specifications of your order. 

They require the bare minimum of maintenance. All you need to do is clean them with soap and water as and when needed. We also recommend that you open and close them at least once a month, even if no storm is predicted. 

Contact Us

If you’re in the market for commercial storm shutters Tampa Bay, then contact Master Aluminum to discuss your business needs. Give us a call at 727-725-1744 or contact us online with your questions.