Product Specialization

Our specialization in the manufacturing of Bahama and Colonial shutters, both of hurricane-rated, decorative or architectural styles, allows for a deliberate focus on product design, consistency of quality and overall product superiority.

Welded Construction

By far, one of the most important features of our shutters is welded construction for two reasons:

A. Overall Strength of the Product

A welded frame molds an otherwise weak, unrigged product into a strong, smooth-finished, seamless, and extremely durable shutter with a strength that cannot be duplicated with mechanical fasteners. A unified, welded frame is the only foundation upon which a true elite, state of the art product can be based.

B. Unified Welded Frame Eliminates Seams and Crevasses

Corrosion or pitting of the aluminum frame is the greatest factor contributing to unsightliness, followed by weakening, and finally the failure of aluminum shutters. A seamless frame eliminates joints where the components meet and crevasses where components overlap one another. These joints and overlaps in the corners of the shutters cannot be powder coated and are a prime place for moisture and salt deposits to collect and begin the pitting of the corners. A welded frame also eliminates screws which are accelerants in the corrosion process. Screws, even stainless steel screws, create electrolysis when in contact with aluminum. When salt spray from coastal exposure is added to the two dissimilar metals, the corrosion process is further accelerated.

Powder Coated Finish

A. Quality Control- Shutters are considered extremely difficult to powder coat given the number of leading edges and small surface areas. However, with our new in-house capabilities, we are able to control the uniformity of the powder application through the following:

a.     The thickness of the powder applied is monitored with a digital mil gauge.

b.     Inconsistencies can be addressed immediately and repainted if necessary.

c.     A powder is applied by an experienced professional.

B. Manufacturing- By no longer outsourcing the powder coating process, the turnaround time of orders is greatly improved by not having to wait extra days or weeks due to painting delays at the off-site facility before shutters are shipped. If necessary, we can now expedite orders in just a few days.

C. Shipping- In general, we can now assign accurate shipping dates to orders when they are placed, enabling clients to schedule installations well in advance.

D. Cost- With lower expenses related to the packing, shipping and powder coating at an off-site facility, we are able to pass those savings on to our clients while maintaining our commitment to product excellence.

Installation Ready

When the product is shipped from the factory it is ready for installation. All the mounting holes and other components are pre-drilled and cut to the proper length. This is a welcome sight to the installer; making the installation easier, taking less time, with fewer tools required, and less clean-up.

Dealer Assistance

Our dealers will confirm the error rate of our completed product is virtually zero. Should questions arise, however, our factory personnel are available to assist. For topics ranging from how to address a unique mounting situation to something as simple as color availability, we can help.

Product Warranty

All our products are warranted for three, five, or seven years. The warranty depends on the options applied, such as sealant, primer, and clear coat applied.

Quality Assurance

Master Aluminum is enrolled in a quality assurance program administered by the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI).
Our plant is required to keep records of measurements of the extrusions, in order to ensure acceptable tolerances of the material used in fabricating your product.


Most of our extrusions are proprietary, which means they are not available to others. We buy directly from the mills which help reduce costs. The savings are passed on to dealers so your receive unique, premium, quality products at very competitive prices.