The frame is made from 6063-T6 aluminum, a proprietary extrusion with a wall thickness of .045. All the corner joints are welded with 100% penetration to produce a unified frame in order to maximize the strength of each shutter. The frame dimensions are 2” wide with a depth of 1 3/8”. There are no screws in the finished product. The hinges on the colonial shutters are mounted to the frame with 3/16 aluminum rivets and reinforced with ¾” tack welds on either side of the hinge.

Foil Blade Shutters | Master Aluminum


The Foil louvers or blades are also proprietary extrusions made from 6063-T6 aluminum with a uniform wall thickness of .045. The blades have a hollow air foil shape with a height of 2 1/8” and a thickness of .437 at the center with a reinforcing fin in the center. The blade closest to the mid height of the shutter is welded to the side frame on the back side of the shutter on each end of the blade to eliminate the possibility of the frame bowing outward in high wind conditions.

The “Z” blade louver extrusions are made from 6063-T6 aluminum with a uniform wall thickness of .062. The blades are a single wall with angled ends to form a shallow Z shape. Each blade is captured within the side frame to eliminate the possibility of the frame bowing in high wind conditions.

Visible Welds

The corner welds on both the front and back of the shutters are ground down and sanded to produce a smooth continuous corner joint completely eliminating any visible signs of the welds.

Exterior Finish

All exterior aluminum surfaces are cleaned and etched, then powder coated with a polyester super durable powder. It is highly recommended that all shutters in high salt environments be pretreated with an epoxy primer. This multi-step process meets the performance standards required by AAMA specifications #2604. Eighteen high gloss standard colors are available. As an additional option, 25 low gloss (30% – 40% gloss) colors and the nonstandard RAL colors (mostly at 80% – 90% gloss) are also available. All shutters are powder coated after they are completely assembled.

Hurricane Colonial Shutters | Master AluminumOther Options

Top frames can be rolled to produce custom arches for colonial shutters and panels. Nail fins, mounting angles and other custom accessories are available to meet particular requirements.