Residential Shutters Manufacturer Tampa Bay, Master Aluminum, is the premium source for installing and maintaining storm shutters. Storm protection is one of our main priorities. Master Aluminum’s shutters also provide your home with a variety of other features, such as style and shade.

You might be wondering what we can offer to your home. Or perhaps you’ve just begun your search for protective or decorative shutters. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, see a few reasons why selecting us for your shutters in the Tampa Bay area is a choice you’ll be pleased with for years to come.

Protection From Hurricanes and Storms

Residential Shutters Manufacturer Tampa Bay, Master Aluminum, provides building code-approved shutters. These shutters are up to par with Florida Build Code for Non High-Velocity Zones. The aluminum frame, invisible corner welds, and thick, powder-coated frames of our hurricane-rated shutters help eliminate frame bowing in high wind situations.

Privacy, Shade, and Sun Coverage

As a Floridian, you know that we get serious sun in Florida. Luckily, our shutters will also help protect from harsh rays. They’ll also provide plenty of shade without completely blocking out natural light. Shades allow you to have control over the light let inside your home. With less sun, you can keep the temperature down. When closed, our shutters also provide an additional layer of privacy that looks great from the exterior but keeps your home feeling secure and secluded.

Stylish and Fitting for Any Home

Residential Shutters Manufacturer Tampa Bay, Master Aluminum believes in putting safety first. But it’s worth noting that although it’s a top priority, we don’t put style last. You’ll have a variety of 15 standard color options, five standard premium color options, and over 200 custom colors to choose from for your shutters. There is also an assortment of shutter types, both colonial and Bahamian style, and you can select for adorning your house. This makes it easy to find a style and hue that works best with your home’s design and features without needing to settle.

How We Make Our Shutters

We use a powder coat finish on our shutters that’s much more resistant than your typical exterior paint, all of which we do in-house. We also source directly from manufacturers, which keeps costs low for you, but quality high. Residential Shutters Manufacturer Tampa Bay, Master Aluminum ensures that all products coming from our facilities are sturdy and reliable, and provide different lengths of warranties to customers for added protection.

Contact Us

If you’re searching for residential Shutters Manufacturer Tampa Bay, Master Aluminum is a guaranteed premium resource for protecting your home. We can ease your mind about storms and ensure your home is ready for anything Tampa Bay throws your way. Give us a call at 727-725-1744 or contact us online, so we can get your questions answered, and home prepared. We also welcome you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all that’s new in our world.