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Master Aluminum FAQ’s2018-10-18T15:22:54-04:00
Can we make Arched shutters?2017-11-07T15:56:14-05:00

Yes! We make arched shutters.

Does Master Aluminum install shutters?2017-11-07T15:56:47-05:00

No, we do not install shutters. Depending on your location, we may be able to recommend a dealer in your area.

Are shutters just for windows?2017-11-07T15:57:15-05:00

No. Our shutters have been custom made to be used as doors, valances, gates, and many other custom shapes.

Do we offer standard sizes?2017-11-07T15:57:45-05:00

We do not carry standard sizes. Every order is custom made to perfectly fit our customer’s needs.

Where are the shutters manufactured?2017-11-07T15:58:12-05:00

Made in the USA. The shutters are manufactured at our shop in Safety Harbor, FL.

Who do we sell to?2017-11-07T15:58:43-05:00

We sell mainly wholesale to our dealers, but we also provide shutters to homeowners at a low retail price.

What is the difference between Foil Blade and Z Blade Bahamas shutters? Is one more durable than the other?2017-11-07T15:59:11-05:00

The louver or “blade” is the only difference between these two shutters. The Z-Blade is our most economical shutter style.

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