Investing in residential shutters for your Jacksonville home could serve you in many ways. Shutters are useful and add curb appeal, not to mention safety for your home.

Curb Appeal

Bahama and Colonial shutters are both beautiful options for the exterior of your home. Bahama shutters, named after the islands, offer a feel of the Caribbean. Colonial shutters are more formal, presenting a timeless classic look. Standard or custom colors are available to match or complement your home.

The Practicality of Residential Shutters

Both Bahama and Colonial shutters are functional as well as decorative.

Bahama shutters hinge at the top of the window. They are easy to deploy both from inside and outside your home. They provide shade from the intense Jacksonville sun. Shade from the sun means lower room temperatures. You may have lower utility costs. Bahama shutters can be constructed to fit windows small and large, as well as balcony spaces.

Colonial shutters hinge on either side of your window. One person can easily operate these shutters. Colonial residential shutters can be formed to fit unique openings like arched windows and narrow windows, such as you might find on either side of the front door.

Safety for Your Jacksonville Home

Master Aluminum is a premier shutter manufacturer. We produce shutters that are not only pleasing to look at but also hurricane rated. Tropical storms often visit Jacksonville. Protection for your home and property easily by deploying your shutters. Your residential shutters are Florida Building Code compliant. They offer protection for your windows, keeping out driving rains and wind-driven debris.


Shutters can offer you peace of mind when leaving your home on vacation. Simply closing and securing your shutters will give you peace of mind while you are away. Additionally, your shutters act as a deterrent to passersby and thieves. Not only this but your Jacksonville home will retain its curb appeal and polished look while remaining secure.

Master Aluminum Shutters

Master Aluminum is a leader in commercial and residential shutter manufacturing. We supply dealers around the country. Our shutters grace homes as well as commercial buildings across the US and the Caribbean. Made with extruded aluminum, our products are highly durable. Powder coating adds extra resilience, not to mention welded corners add strength and durability to our shutters. You can be sure you are getting a quality product backed by warranty.

Call us today at (727) 725-1744 or send us a message online to find a dealer in your Jacksonville area. We do also sell to private residents. Visit our website to find out more and to see how your shutters are made.