Have you noticed homes in your Virginia Beach area using Bahama shutters? They’re quickly gaining popularity, and not only for the tropical aesthetics shutters provide for your home. But, if you want the most out of your shutters, it’s wise to speak with your Bahama shutter manufacturer about choosing aluminum as your shutter material.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters permanently attach to the top of your window openings. You can fully, partially, or entirely close your shutters when you want privacy. Additionally, Bahama hurricane shutters allow for efficient storm preparation. So you won’t have any added stress concerning the safety of you and your home.

How Does Aluminum Compare To Timber?

Some might install timber shutters, but aluminum is truly superior compared to timber considering it is,

  • Light Weight
  • Durable
  • More secure
  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy to maintain

Aluminum Is Light Weight

Aluminum’s strength to weight ratio is incredible. That’s why it’s such a great material to use for Bahama shutters. Whereas timber shutters are typically pretty heavy. Resulting in drooping and external damage to your home. So avoid the extra stress on your home and consider aluminum for your Bahama shutters.


No burglar would take the time or risk being seen attempting to break down aluminum Bahama shutters. On the other hand, wood could be relatively discrete to get through with the proper tools. So if you live in a high crime area or just want to feel more secure and safe, then choose aluminum for your Bahama shutters.

Are Aluminum Bahama Shutters Worth The Cost?

Aluminum is more costly than timber. But considering aluminum’s long lifespan and simple maintenance, it makes sense why. Your external shutters are vulnerable to moisture and salt, especially in the Virginia Beach area. Unlike most metals, aluminum is corrosion and rust-resistant. So it helps to combat typical issues that metals face in moist environments.

When you can avoid issues like rusting and corrosion, the shutter’s lifespan is extended. Not to mention your shutters won’t have any displeasing rust marks and will stay looking brand new!

Washing aluminum shutters is also quite easy. All you have to do is use simple soaps and nonabrasive brushes to maintain the integrity of the aluminum.

Modern Style And Color Versatility?

Brand new aluminum shutters will most definitely boost your curb appeal. Bahama shutters influence a beautiful tropical style but remain modern, as straight lines and sharp angles offer a minimalistic aesthetic. Something simple yet elegant.

Furthermore, when you choose aluminum, your color options are virtually endless. This is because it’s possible to powder coat aluminum in a wide range of colors. Master Aluminum offers standard, premium, and custom colors. So you can perfectly pair your new shutters with the already existing colors of your home.

Master Aluminum; Bahama Shutter Manufacturer

When you’re choosing a Bahama shutter manufacturer near you in Virginia Beach, we hope you reach out to us at Master Aluminum. We buy directly from mills. Which will reduce costs and in turn save you money as well. Contact us online or give us a call at 727-725-1744 for any questions. Or more information on our other products, such as colonial shutters.