Living in the Tampa area means dealing with the sunshine, storms, and hurricanes, so protection against the elements can go a long way. Colonial shutters are one such form of protection from the elements on buildings throughout the state of Florida. However, not all window structures are the same. Wholesalers in need of quality products made to their needs and the needs of their customers can have a hard time when dealing with standardized sizes.

Standard sizing is everywhere and is mostly available with cheaper products that cost more in the long run. Of course, repairs and costs depend on the materials used in your exterior shutters. Materials like wood or vinyl are often choices for a variety of outdoor structures, but they are not always the best looking or most durable options available. Master Aluminum instead uses strong and corrosion-resistant aluminum for exterior shutters.

Why Aluminum is Superior to Vinyl and Wood

Vinyl materials are resistant to a lot of the same factors as aluminum but can look cheap or clash with homes. Vinyl is also dangerous. Burning vinyl poses a hazard to Tampa households and structures that use it since it releases toxic fumes. These fumes can leak into a home and affect individuals before they notice the negative effects. Also, vinyl is known to be the worst plastic for the environment.

Dioxin, an organic compound within the vinyl, is one of the most carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, compounds known to man. Because creating vinyl requires chlorine, the vinyl releases dioxin when burned. Wood, though great to look at, is not as durable in outdoor environments. Colonial shutters made of wood would most likely have issues with degradation because of rain and UV rays. Even though certain lumber can be durable and resistant, it will always require more care than aluminum.

Why Choose Colonial Shutters from Master Aluminum?

Besides improving the look and design of your home, Colonial shutters from Master Aluminum are made to last. What makes our products different from the cheap shutters you can purchase online is quality and affordability. When you are dealing with harmful UV rays and high winds in Tampa, saving a few bucks on vinyl is not worth it. Even with vinyl, the frame and holdings typically need to be wood or aluminum for support.

Aluminum has many benefits such as being highly resistant to saltwater. The material is also lightweight, reliable, and malleable, making it an excellent choice for shaping and support. Proprietary extrusions also increase the potential uses and strength.

Tampa wholesalers should invest in Master Aluminum Colonial shutters for the best designs and high-quality products. Extruding welds are not visible and instead receive a smooth sanding. Tampa customers can even go for an arched design choice. Our products can serve as both an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property as well as an added safety measure.

Our hurricane shutters have approval under the Florida Building Code for Non-High Velocity Zones. These areas are typically close to the coast. Places, where wind and debris can whip up to 120 miles per hour or more, are considered high-velocity zones. Much of Miami-Dade and Broward are within high-velocity zones.

Other Types of Shutters Available at Master Aluminum

Tampa residents in need of affordable, functional, and great-looking shutters do not need to look elsewhere if Colonial shutters are not your style. At Master Aluminum, we offer many other designs such as:

Welding of the middle blade in hurricane options protects individuals from blade bowing and breakage in stressful situations. Decorative Z blade designs use shorter length and provide an economical option for clients in Tampa Bay. To get in touch with Master Aluminum today, you can contact us either online or at (727) 725-1744.