If you are looking to enhance the aesthetic of your home or add protection, you should invest in house shutters. The Sarasota sun can be brutal, and added shade is a luxury worth the investment. Not to mention, you could even end up saving money. Insurance companies love the added protection, and you might not have to run your AC as long or as high. At Master Aluminum, we offer a multitude of products to choose from, and we hope you make an informed decision based on your preferences and unique aesthetic of your home.

House Shutters For Hurricane Protection

  • Bahama shutters
  • Colonial shutters

Some Shutters offer your home a better look and some shade. But hurricane shutters are incredibly durable, and the build meets the Florida Build Code for Non-High Velocity Zones. Bahama Shutters and colonial shutters are popular options for hurricane shutters. Bahama shutters are permanently attached to the tops of your windows and offer an island look to your home. Colonial shutters attach to the sides of your windows and are a permanent attachment as well. Colonial shutters provide a more classic look. While both shutters will boost the exterior look of your home, they will also do an adequate job to protect you during a storm.

Why is Hurricane Protection Necessary

It is crucial to protect your windows when there’s a hurricane. The obvious reasons would be you don’t want rain and debris coming into your home. Shattered glass is hazardous, and water on your floors and in your furniture could create mold problems later on. The kicker, though, is the actual pressure from the wind. The force of the winds from a hurricane is pretty extreme. So, when your window breaks and the pressure enters your home, it has nowhere to go. If the storm is strong enough, it could actually rip the roof right off your home. Be safer than sorry this hurricane season.

Decorative House Shutters

  • Foil blade Bahama shutter
  • Z blade Bahama shutter
  • Foil blade colonial shutter
  • Z blade colonial shutter
  • Board and batten colonial shutter
  • Arched foil blade panel
  • Arched board and batten

Now just because these are decorative designs doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. For example, the board and batten shutter is made of the same material that the hurricane shutters are. Either way, though, these shutter designs will create an appealing look to your windows with many options for colors as well.

Color Options

While choosing a color for your house shutters, you can choose from standard colors, matte finish, or premium. The standard options include different shades of white, black, gray, green, beige, and blue. You have the option for a matte finish on colors, including white, green, beige, and navy. Lastly, the premium colors include a wide variety of over 100 colors. So you can really let your imagination flow and choose a color that fits your home perfectly!

House Shutter Benefits

Besides aesthetic appeal and protection, you gain a lot from installing house shutters. For example, more privacy. When shutters are closed, they will entirely eliminate anyone from seeing inside your home. So if you’re tired of broken blinds and translucent curtains it might be time to invest in shutters.

Another benefit of house shutters is you could potentially save money a couple of ways. The first would be insurance premiums. If your insurance company sees you’re protecting your home, you could decrease your home owner’s insurance. Secondly would be light control. By providing your home with shade and ventilation, you might be able to turn that always running AC off for a few hours and, in turn, saving on your energy bill. Furthermore, there is added security when you have aluminum permanently attached to your windows.

Installing House Shutters

When the product is delivered, it is installation ready. All the mounting holes and other components are pre-cut and ready to go. This allows for an easy installation process with fewer steps, less tools, and easier to clean up once everything is finished. Additionally, all products are warranted for three, five, or seven years. This all depends on if you choose sealant and clear coat types of options. If any problems or questions arise, our dealers will be right by your side. Even if you just have a question about design or colors, we are happy to help.


When cleaning aluminum, do not use any abrasive brushes or harsh cleaners. They will destroy the aluminum over time. When you clean your house shutters, make sure you’re using soft brushes and soaps that aren’t too harsh.

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