Master aluminum was established in 1987, and we have supplied elite products to Fort Myers residents for over 30 years. Our custom made commercial shutters are stronger because of the welding process. Elimination of all seams and crevices occurs, whereas typical shutters require screws and leave spaces for corrosion and pitting. All products are crafted with aluminum, and warranties are available for up to 7 years!





Our Custom Made Commercial Shutters

We offer an abundance of products. Hurricane protection shutters are available as well as shutters for aesthetic purposes.

  • HV Bahama Hurricane shutter
  • HV Colonial Hurricane shutter
  • Foil Blade Bahama shutter
  • Z blade Bahama shutter
  • Foil blade colonial shutter
  • Z blade colonial shutter
  • Board and batten colonial shutter
  • Arched foil blade panel
  • Arched board and batten

Bahama vs. colonial commercial shutters

Colonial shutters permanently mount to any side of your commercial window. You can choose single, double, or triple panels that will close tight to protect your business. Due to permanent attachment, there’s no need to find a place to store your shutters. Easy to operate and install, one person is capable of getting hurricane ready. Furthermore, there are a ton of color options to choose from so you can match colors.

Bahama shutters also permanently mount to your windows. These shutters, however, attach to the top of your windows. Durable, long-lasting, and easy installation are some benefits of the Bahama shutters. There are only a few differences between these two shutters. So if you need advice, our factory personnel are available to help.

Z blades

A typical blade in your shutters would be .045 thick. However, the Z blade is .062 thick. Made of 6063-T6 aluminum, your Z blade shutters are incredibly durable. The blades have angled ends that form a shallow z shape. Hence, the name. Eliminate the possibility of bowing frames due to high winds with Z blades.

Color Options

An abundance of color options awaits you. Standard color options include different shades of white, black, grey, green, beige, and blue. Custom color options are almost unlimited, but you may be subject to an up charge. Lastly, there’s an option for a beautiful matte finish on your commercial shutters. Whatever you choose to maintain the integrity of your home’s aesthetic, we are here to help!

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