The weather in Tampa is not always sunshine and low winds, although most days in our area see clear skies and plenty of sunlight. Hurricane season and other seasonal storms like to rampage the area every year. One responsibility of a property owner lies in ensuring that their home or business is secure from potential damage these storms cause. Colonial shutters from Master Aluminum provide protection and other benefits for many situations. In cases where a storm or hurricane is approaching, having the right protection is critical. Throughout the area, people will go and buy all the resources available just to prepare. Colonial shutters from Master Aluminum can easily be part of the necessary protection your home or property needs.

Because of the quality and durability of our shutters, certain styles meet the qualifications for Florida Building Code standards for non-high velocity zones. These zones were created in response to Hurricane Andrew so that residents would be better prepared. A non-high velocity zone is an area in which winds and debris can reach speeds of around 110 to 125 miles per hour. At this speed, debris can become deadly projectiles. Tampa residents should consider functional window protection like our aluminum shutters to prevent shattering glass and broken windows and doors.

Why Use Aluminum Colonial Shutters?

While you may see decorative vinyl or cosmetic shutters made of wood, metal has the best form and utility. Unlike vinyl, it does not give off a cheap appearance, nor does it give off any hazardous substances if burned. Plastics are highly dangerous in the case of a fire due to the gases they can emit when burned. During the process of creating the material, chlorine gas is added to the mix and becomes a critical part of the material. Chlorine gas is not only foul to be around, but it is also highly toxic to humans. It has an odor similar to bleach, since they both contain chlorine, which is a common hazardous gas in some factory processes. During most factory processes involving chlorine, protective equipment must be worn.

Aluminum Colonial shutters from Master Aluminum do not have the same issues. Aluminum is very non-reactive and also durable enough to handle the winds and rains of Tampa. Also, it is much less susceptible to damage and degradation. Damage to wood around window panes, doors, and other outdoor elements can cause rot as water seeps in. However, that is not an issue as long as you have aluminum protecting the wood.

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