Before custom aluminum shutters, Tampa homeowners would have to board up their windows and doors with plywood before a hurricane. Aluminum hurricane shutters offer more security and safety than plywood and can be custom designed to fit all of your doors and windows. If you want to protect your home from gale force winds and flying debris, Master Aluminum can help!

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Shutters

Increased Safety During a Hurricane

Installing hurricane shutters on your property increases your family’s safety during a storm. Without protective coverings, gusts of wind can launch objects into the air, shattering windows and glass doors. Whether you’re taking shelter inside your home or riding out the storm in a safe zone, broken windows cause safety hazards and increase your property damage.

Hurricane Shutters Are Easy to Install

There’s always a mad-dash to purchase plywood and tape when news of a hurricane hits.  Rather than spending time and money nailing boards to your house, you can quickly deploy your custom aluminum shutters in minutes.  Don’t waste precious time before the storm boarding and taping; simply close and lock your shutters so you can get back to preparing for the storm.

Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

Custom aluminum shutters increase your home’s resale value because it adds extra hurricane protection. Homebuyers who grew up in the Tampa area, know how much time and energy hurricane shutters will save in preparation for the storm. And out-of-state buyers will have peace of mind knowing they are buying a home with the best hurricane protection available.

Protection Against Break-Ins

No one wants to think about something happening to their home while they’re away; especially in the aftermath of a storm. Unfortunately, looting and break-ins do occur after a hurricane. Custom aluminum shutters protect your Tampa home from anyone looking for an easy target while you’re away. Your windows and doors will be completely covered and locked, blocking any unwanted visitors.

Common Hurricane Window Myths

  • Myth: Many people believe that closed windows during a hurricane lead to built-up pressure, causing explosions.
    Truth: Homes are built to be breathable; there are tiny gaps in the building materials that allow air to escape. Unless your home was built airtight, you do not have to worry about built-up air pressure. It is far more dangerous to leave a window open during a storm. An open window will allow wind, debris, and rain into your home causing serious property damage.
  • Myth: Many Tampa Bay homeowners believe they should tape their windows to prevent them from breaking.
    Truth: Unfortunately, even with tape, the glass can still break. Taped glass that shatters will break into larger projectiles, which is even more dangerous than tiny shards. The best window protection during a hurricane is aluminum shutters.

Trust Master Aluminum for Custom Aluminum Shutters in Tampa

Homeowners living in Tampa are at a greater risk for hurricane damage than those living inland. The best way to protect your home during a storm is to install custom aluminum shutters. You want to put the sturdiest barrier between the glass panel protecting your home and the dangers outside.

Hurricane season has just ended and now is the perfect time for you to install new shutters on your home. At Master Aluminum, we offer a variety of custom aluminum shutters that can match the style and look of your Tampa home. Contact us today at (727) 725-1744 to schedule an estimate appointment or reach out to us online.