Bahama hurricane shutters are the perfect solution to protect homes in Jacksonville. Here are the top five reasons why you should add them to your home!

1. They Provide Protection to your Jacksonville Home

During a Category 3 hurricane, wind speeds reach over 110 mph. Not only is the wind itself dangerous, but the debris that it picks up and transports is as well. The Bahama hurricane shutters at Master Aluminum are Florida Building Code approved and hurricane rated. They will keep your windows protected from any damage that could cause the glass to break and cause harm to your home. This is beneficial for coastal towns like Jacksonville.

2. They Provide a Permanent Solution

Bahama hurricane shutters are permanent installations. They mount to the top of a window and hinge out. You can use them all year long for shade control. Once a storm hits, they can close securely to keep your windows safe. At Master Aluminum, we make our blinds with aluminum, which is well known for its long-lasting properties. These protective shades will last through many storm seasons.

3. Bahama Hurricane Shutters are User-friendly

Because these shutters hinge, it only takes one person to open and shut them, as well as adjust the blinds. With a temporary solution such as plywood, it can take a lot of time and multiple people to get the glass ready. These allow you to easily pull the cover down and seal the window, protecting the glass when the threat of a storm hits Jacksonville.

4. They are Aesthetically Pleasing

Exterior shades are a great way to tie the outside of your home together. The Caribbean style of these makes them perfect for a beachy place like Jacksonville. The colors are customizable as well. You can stick with a subtle color that compliments your house, or you can also choose a brighter color that will give your home a unique look and make your shades pop. Master Aluminum offers Bahama hurricane shutters in standard colors like beige and black, as well as custom colors ranging from purple to orange.

5. They are Functional Year-Round

While one perk of these louvers is storm protection, these blinds work year-round. They work well to keep the sun out of your home, which is helpful for a bright place like Jacksonville. The shades can open and close as desired. They also provide privacy to your home. Even with the blinds open to allow air flow, you can still maintain your privacy.

Choose Master Aluminum for Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Master Aluminum specializes in manufacturing Colonial and Bahama hurricane shutters. Our window covers are ready for installation when they ship from our factory. They are welded to ensure a seamless look and strong protection. We offer product warranties, and we are a part of a quality assurance program to guarantee you receive the best product. Contact us online or call us at (727)725-1744.