Master Aluminum has been serving the residents of Sarasota since 1987. We are an elite colonial shutter manufacturer with a plethora of other products and shutter styles. Whether you’re looking  colonial shutters for hurricane protection or a decorative style, we have it all. Not to mention, our welded construction ensures a sturdy, long-lasting product.

What Are Colonial Shutters?

Colonial shutters hinge to the sides of our window, influencing the look of a colonial estate. It only takes a few minutes to secure your windows, and one person can do it with ease, making storm preparation a breeze. They’re also a permanent attachment, so there’s no need to find extra storage space.

HV Colonial Hurricane Shutter

As residents of Sarasota, we experience a lot of hurricanes, and it’s very important to protect your windows. Hurricane-force winds can do extreme damage to a home. If your window breaks, the pressure from the storm could rip the roof off of your home. Fortunately, by installing shutters with your colonial shutter manufacturer, you can be prepared and protected. The HV colonial shutter is exceptionally durable. It’s gone through numerous tests and is built to meet the Florida building codes. Furthermore, they could provide you with benefits all year long. So you aren’t just investing in hurricane protection.

Year-Long Benefits

Having aluminum permanently attached to your windows offers you security from unwanted visitors. You could also save money from running the AC less. Shutters will cool down your home by controlling some of the light coming in. You have light control but also privacy. When your shutters are completely closed, no one is able to see inside.

Decorative Colonial Style Shutter

  • Foil Blade Colonial Shutter
  • Z Blade Colonial Shutter
  • Board And Batten Colonial Shutter

The decorative shutters are still durable despite the fact they aren’t hurricane shutters. In addition to their durability, they can add an aesthetic boost to your home. Shutters from your Sarasota colonial shutter manufacturer will create the classic colonial look you’re aspiring for. Especially benefiting you if you’re trying to sell your home.

Maintaining Shutters From Your Colonial Shutter Manufacturer

Shutters are not hard to maintain, but you still need to keep up with them. It’s recommended to move them around once a month to ensure everything is working properly. When you clean your shutters, make sure to use soft brushes and soaps. You will destroy the aluminum if you use abrasive brushes and harsh chemicals.

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