Hurricane shutters are essential for homes in Jacksonville. Severe weather causes damage both inside and outside of a home. With your windows properly protected, you can avoid these four disasters.

1. Shattered Windows

During a tropical storm, many factors can cause your windows to break. In Jacksonville, the most common cause is projectiles. Air currents move at high speeds. Their strength allows them to pick up small items, such as pebbles, rocks, and other small objects. In addition, these winds can pick up large tree branches, deck chairs, and even children’s outdoor playhouses. These objects then become dangerous missiles headed right for windows.

With hurricane shutters, there will be no shattered glass to worry about. These blinds provide a shield, protecting glass panes from any flying objects. In addition, they buffer the winds themselves to avoid shattering due to the air currents.

2. Severe Water Damage to Jacksonville Homes

These protective blinds also keep rain out. Without them, it is more likely that water will enter your house. If the rain coming through your windows is heavy enough, you could face flooding. Even if your house does not flood, the water damage could be severe. Furniture fills with water and leaks the dyes used to color them. Wallpaper peels. Wooden surfaces can warp and bend, making them unstable. Also, all wet surfaces become susceptible to mold and mildew. The impact of water on the interior of your house could make conditions unlivable.

3. Your Roof is Blown Off

With no hurricane shutters and no windows, extreme winds can enter your living space. These winds must then exit your house. With the high force of the air currents, pressure can be forced upwards upon your roof. This causes your roof to come apart from the inside out, leaving you even more vulnerable to the winds as well as rain. This pressure is also known to collapse garage doors or pull them off the tracks.

4. Personal Items Are Destroyed

Clothing, photographs, appliances, and any other items you own can be lost because of both rain and air current damage during a severe storm. Many homeowners’ insurance plans in Jacksonville do not cover damages caused by simultaneous flooding and winds. This leaves you without the things you need or care about and can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

Trust Master Aluminum’s Hurricane Shutters

Master Aluminum provides hurricane-rated protection to residents of Jacksonville and other areas of Florida. We specialize in Colonial and Bahama-style hurricane shutters in a variety of custom and standard colors to fit the look of any home. Our welded construction and quality assurance guarantee products that will keep you and your home safe. For more information on our products, contact us online or call us at (727) 725-1744.