Not only are house shutters beneficial for hurricane protection Tampa Bay, but they also provide an accessory to enhance the look of your livings pace. Here are four great ways to use them to style your home!

Bahama Style Blinds Give an Island Feel

In Tampa Bay, this style complements the many beaches nearby. Choose a light color like pastel orange or seafoam for a Caribbean vibe. To bring this island feeling inside your home, use white linens, woods like bamboo, and add indoor plants. With sandy shores only a few miles away, these stylish changes will have you feeling like you’ve relocated to the Caribbean.

Bahama style window covers latch to the top of windows and hinge out. When hurricane season arrives, these shades close and secure easily.

Add a Classic Touch with Colonial House Shutters

Colonial, also known as plantation style, give Tampa Bay homes a classic and elegant look. These are popular amongst homes throughout the United States. These louvers mount to the sides of windows and open outwards, allowing for an unobstructed view outside. Like Bahama shades, it only takes a moment to shut these tightly and prepare for a storm.

Use These Protective Shades as a Colorful Accent Piece

While exterior house shutters are primarily functional — providing shade, privacy, and hurricane protection — they can still be attractive. Many color and material options are available for these window covers, and there are options to suit every look. Play off the colors used by your neighbors, compliment the landscape surrounding your home, or stand with an original shade.

Add Decorative Louvers to Your Home’s Exterior

If you want house shutters but don’t have a functional place for them, don’t let that stop you! Many companies design nonfunctional louvers that are simply for decoration. At Master Aluminum, our decorative options include:

  • Board and Batten
  • Arched Foil Blade
  • Z Blade Bahama
  • Foil Blade Colonial

However, these options can be functional as well for those who wish them to be. When fastened to the exterior of a building, these fixtures add a touch of design that boosts the appearance and value of your home.

Choose Master Aluminum for Premier House Shutters in Tampa Bay

At Master Aluminum in Tampa Bay, we specialize in manufacturing Colonial and Bahama house shutters. Our expertise allows us to focus on consistent quality, product design, and creating a superior product for our clients. We weld our blinds to ensure both maximum strength and a seamless look. Our company offers free quotes to customers, and our products are ready for installation when they leave the factory. For more information, visit us online or call us at (727) 725-1744.