Hurricane shutters, colonial shutters in Norfolk, VA, and impact-resistant glass serve an important function, which is to offer protection to your property and its contents during severe weather conditions like heavy storms or hurricanes.

When trying to decide between colonial shutters in Norfolk, VA, and impact-resistant glass, there are several factors to consider. Whether your priority is aesthetics, protecting your property, or keeping the cost low, it will factor into what the right choice is for your investment.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact-resistant glass is one of the best ways to protect your home from potential weather disasters. The technology has been in use since the early 20th century when it was installed in car windshields to strengthen them against impacts.

One of the benefits of impact-resistant glass is that it allows natural light into a building, which can be very helpful during the power outages often caused by severe storms. It is better than regular glass because it can resist winds blowing up to 200 mph.

Impact glass windows are a great security feature as well; they act as a strong barrier between you and potential intruders. People may be able to peek inside, but they will have a very difficult time breaking the glass to get in.

Impact-resistant glass can be used in conjunction with colonial shutters in Norfolk, VA for optimal window protection.

Hurricane Shutters—Colonial Shutters in Norfolk, VA

Mainly manufactured from aluminum and steel, hurricane shutters are installed over glass windows and doors to protect the glass from being damaged. Hurricane shutters can be installed over any glass, but when used in combination with impact-resistant glass, it provides twice the protection from hurricanes.

Colonial shutters in Norfolk, VA are an aesthetically appealing choice. These two-piece louvered shutters are permanently attached to the wall beside each window and fold it together to protect the window. Colonial shutters beautify as they protect your clients’ Norfolk, VA home or commercial space. Plus, they don’t require additional storage and can easily be deployed by one person.

Colonial shutters in Norfolk, VA can only be installed over windows, and therefore, you must choose another option for doors.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Hurricane Protection

  • Hurricane shutters are cheaper than impact glass to install and replace.
  • If hurricane shutters are damaged in the storm, clients only have to replace the damaged panels.
  • If the impact glass shatters or cracks, the entire window must be replaced.
  • Impact-resistant glass is an added security feature all the time, not just during storms.
  • Colonial shutters in Norfolk, VA only provide additional security when deployed.

Ultimately, the choice is up to your clients, and colonial hurricane shutters and impact-resistant glass can both provide your customers in Norfolk, VA with the protection they need during a storm. Depending on needs and budget, they are both reliable options. Call us at (727) 725-1744 or visit us today