1. What Are the Benefits of Installing Bahama Shutters in Virginia Beach?

There are several benefits to installing Bahama shutters in Virginia Beach properties, including:


In Virginia Beach, they enhance the look of a home. They are designed to add beauty and value to a house.  

Increased Privacy

Bahama shutters block the interior view of a Virginia Beach house when deployed. People cannot see in a home or tell if the lights are on or off at night.


Bahama shutters in Virginia Beach are slated and allow the passage of air.

Storm Protection

One of the main reasons for installing shutters on a Virginia Beach home is to protect your family and belongings in the event of a major storm or hurricane.

Direct Sunlight Protection

Bahama shutters save floors and furniture from harmful damage caused by the sun’s rays. They block UV rays without preventing fresh air from entering.

Increases the Value of Your Home 

The value of a Virginia Beach home will increase after investing in shutters. The house both looks better and is safer.

2. What Type of Shutters Should I Order?

There are four main types of shutters in Virginia Beach to choose from.

Raised Shutters

With a look similar to cabinet or kitchen doors, these are an affordable option that is simple in design and will easily blend with any house.

Louvered Shutters 

With angled slats that allow fresh air in, this style folds in together from either side and gives a home a classic look.

Board and Batten Shutters

These are rustic and old-world in appearance. They are specifically designed for French country homes.

Bahama Shutters in Virginia Beach 

Also louvered, they are fixed to the window and allow light and air into a home. These are perfect for Virginia Beach because they keep a house protected during a storm while improving the appearance of the home.

3. What Is Motivating the Installation of Shutters in Virginia Beach?

Motives behind the installation will help guide the decision process.

Storm Protection

If you regularly meet clients whose number one priority is storm protection, your order may consist of strong shutters made from heavy wood or metal to ensure the safety of windows.

For Decoration

If your clients mostly want to improve the look of their homes, Bahama shutters in Virginia Beach are an excellent choice for aesthetically pleasing shutters. 

Home Improvement

Shutters increase the value of a home. If the goal is to use them as a selling feature, your clients don’t necessarily need the most expensive or strongest ones to see that increase. 

4. What Is My Budget?

Ultimately, how much you can spend, and then charge, in Virginia Beach will be a factor in determining which shutters suit your business. The price of shutters varies greatly, depending on the size of the order and the materials chosen. At the end of the day, the price will reflect the quality of shutters. 

Whether you are ready to order wholesale Bahama shutters in Virginia Beach, or you still have questions, working with an experienced supplier will help you get the best value for your budget while taking your priorities and clients into consideration.