At Master Aluminum, we manufacture elite storm shutters. Living in the Tampa Bay area, storms are a constant threat during hurricane season, and we must stay protected. The strong winds of a hurricane, along with flying debris, could do severe damage to your home. Not to mention, possibly also putting your family in harm.

How Can A Hurricane Damage Your Home?

A storm can do catastrophic damage to a home, and that’s why we want to stress the importance of securing your windows. It’s essential because if the winds are strong enough to pick up flying debris and break your window, you could face serious problems. Your home could become water damaged, and in the worst case, your roof could become compromised. When a window breaks and the pressure from a storm enters the home, it has nowhere to go and could potentially blow the roof off. So please secure your windows with storm shutters this hurricane season.

Storm Shutters For Hurricane Protection

Master aluminum offers two hurricane rated aluminum shutters.

  • HV Bahama Hurricane Shutter
  • HV Colonial Hurricane Shutter

Both of these products are incredibly durable and will definitely hold up in a storm. They’re built to meet the Florida building codes and will keep your home and family safe during a storm.

Maintaining Storm Shutters

Shutters require little maintenance. If your shutters aren’t in consistent use, then you want to make sure you’re opening and closing them at least once a month. It’s never good to just let anything sit for awhile. Furthermore, you want to ensure all parts are continually working correctly in case the news of a storm comes as a surprise.

To clean your shutters, you just need soap and water. Harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes are not suitable for the aluminum, though. So when washing your storm shutters, make sure you’re using soft brushes and soaps, so you don’t harm the metal.

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Keep you and your family safe this hurricane season with storm shutters. It’s better to be safer than sorry when you find out a storm is heading towards your house in Tampa Bay. So contact us online or give us a call at 727-725-1744 for any more questions or information about securing your home with storm shutters.