Wholesale Manufacturer | Morehead City, NC | Master AluminumProtecting homes and commercial properties from the damage that storms and salt sprays can bring is a wise investment when living on the coast of Morehead City. By buying the right Bahama shutters, contractors can provide the best in style and protection. Working with a wholesale manufacturer like us at Master Aluminum also affords buyers better pricing and different styles like colonial shutters.

Regardless of where you go, it will be challenging to receive great pricing with your order unless you are dealing with the makers. Morehead City clients also receive better support and can work directly with us to develop blinds that fit their specific properties. Rather than wasting time scouring through catalogs for specifications, all our products are made to order. This way, customers in Morehead City save by not having to return mismatching frames, and we do not waste funds develop standard sizing that may not fit buyer’s needs.

What Makes Aluminum So Effective?

Colonial Shutters | Morehead City | Master AluminumWith a wholesale manufacturer like Master Aluminum, sellers in Morehead, NC receive high-quality aluminum frame builds. One of the most significant benefits is that the material is extremely durable. When comparing it to other materials like wood or vinyl, it can take much more damage. Sellers throughout Morehead City are better off avoiding weaker colonial shutters made from low durability materials.

Debris can impact windows and embed themselves into wood and vinyl. Steel shutters are also a standard option; however, it is much denser and harder to work. Steel choices will often not come in styles like Bahama shutters or Colonial shutters. Steel also gives off a more industrial feel and sometimes must be put on beforehand with removal after the storm. The extra work, weight, and aesthetic disadvantages are not worth it when aluminum is an option. Working with a wholesale manufacturer like us at Master Aluminum provides you with benefits like:

  • Environmental advantages
  • Long-lasting Structure
  • Easily Customizable Orders

Environmental advantages

As deforestation continues to ravage certain parts of the world, many manufacturers are steering towards more environmentally friendly choices. Wood is often expensive while not providing more protection. Indeed, the only benefit to the material is the look. However, proper treatment and painting can make aluminum look just as great. With metals like aluminum, Morehead, NC buyers also save more as it cost less for a wholesale manufacturer to produce. Styles like Colonial Shutters are also easier to construct with aluminum. Vinyl is much worst when you take into account environmental damage. The plastic relies on costly fossil fuels and produces dangerous gases. Other studies have also found that even recycled vinyl products are not environmentally friendly. One study noted that many vinyl plastics had trace amounts of lead, cadmium, and other toxic chemicals. Morehead City businesses can avoid potential toxic plastics by investing in less damaging aluminum Bahama shutters.

Long-lasting Structure

Working with a wholesale manufacturer like us at Master Aluminum also affords Morehead, NC clients higher-quality designs. Our frames employ a unified model with a finish that produces no visible welds. Other metal frames may have unsightly weld marks and apply paint before drilling holes. Our frames avoid those amateur mistakes. We provide our clients with the best-looking finish possible. The unification of the frame also makes the entire structure more durable and resistant to damage. Options like our hurricane rated Bahama shutters are resistant to high-speed winds and are much less likely to break open. Our designs like the Colonial shutters style can lock to protect against accidental openings due to winds.

Easily Customizable Orders

Another significant benefit of working with a wholesale manufacturer that uses aluminum is that orders are more comfortable to shape weighs less than steel. This allows for better customization for more than window frames. Glass sliding doors are some of the most at-risk areas. Once they begin to crack, they typically shatter soon after. Having protective Bahama shutters can save you the expense of replacing large glass doors. Protective colonial shutters are also available. Morehead City contractors can take advantage of our customization to design Bahama shutters for archways and more.

Get More with a Wholesale Manufacturer Today

Morehead City business owners can avoid dealing with low-quality products and materials by working with us at Master Aluminum. In addition to hurricane rated shutters, you can also decide between decorative Bahama shutters and Colonial shutters. Aluminum shutters will retain their color longer and provide a clean look to any home or commercial property. Clients in the Morehead, NC area can contact our local dealer at (252) 725-3406 or by going online to get the most with a wholesale manufacturer you can rely on.