So, you have decided that you would like to enhance your Virginia Beach home with the classic look of colonial shutters. Now you might wonder what to look for in a colonial shutter manufacturer. Not all colonial shutter builders are alike. Master Aluminum is a leader in its industry. They construct shutters to the highest of standards.

A Review of the Benefits of Colonial Shutters

They offer a classic colonial look for your home. The colonial look is stylish and instantly adds value to your property.

  • Colonial shutters are a permanent and beautiful fixture on your home. They are side-hinged to the sides of your windows, doors, or other openings. These shutters are fully functional. Not only that, but they are easy to deploy from both outside and inside your home. So, when it rains, you can stay nice and dry and yet close your shutters. If you are not at your Virginia Beach home when a storm hits, a neighbor can close your shutters for you.
    • Functioning shutters from a colonial shutter manufacturer can be hurricane-rated. These shutters protect your property from east coast storms. Protecting your home during a storm is manageable. There is no need to go to the store for plywood nor finding storage space for your storm protection. Colonial hurricane shutters may have insurance benefits for homeowners or commercial property owners.
    • They can also be closed to offer privacy or extra security for your home when you are away on vacation.
  • Colonial shutter manufacturers have colors to match or otherwise complement the siding of your Virginia Beach home.
  • Customized to fit many window shapes and sizes, including arches and doorways. At Master Aluminum, and as a residential shutter manufacturer we form our shutters to fit small and large windows, balconies, arched openings, and doors.
  • Powder-coating – provides a more durable finish than paint. Powder-coated products are resistant to extreme weather conditions, rusting, and degrading.
  • Welded construction resulting in strength and durability.

What to look for in Choosing a Colonial Shutter Manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer for your colonial shutters, you want a manufacturer well established in the industry. Other things to consider are whether:

  • Shutters are made with extruded aluminum components. Extruded aluminum offers extreme strength, lightweight materials, anti-corrosive components.
  • The colonial shutter manufacturer’s inventory includes hurricane-rated shutters as well as architectural or decorative shutters. Shutters can be aesthetically pleasing and functional to the extent that they may protect your home or Virginia Beach property from storm damage.
  • There are options in design but consistency of quality, production, and product.
  • Fully welded construction – produces a product superior in strength and durability. Un-welded frames have mechanical components that can not only create areas of weakness. Not only this, but these weak areas can invite corrosion. Corners and joints are also places where rust and pitting can occur. A welded frame eliminates inherent weaknesses, failures, and material degradation from salt, water, and air. A quality product is based on a welded frame.
  • There is a streamlined colonial shutter manufacturing process for production in place using the newest techniques and methods.
  • Installation Ready products – makes installation easier and takes less time.
  • Dealer assistance is available from factory personnel.
  • Product warranty and a quality assurance program – implementation of strict record keeping.

 Master Aluminum Colonial Shutter Manufacturers

Master Aluminum has over 30 years’ experience providing quality USA made products for our customers and authorized dealers. As top rated colonial shutter manufacturers, we proudly ship anywhere in the United States and the Caribbean. Our focus, however, is on serving the eastern seaboard and the Gulf states. We sell at wholesale prices to dealers, contractors, and builders.

Visit our website to see how we make our shutters. Virginia Beach residents or commercial property owners, contact us at (727) 725-1744 to find a local dealer. You may also like to see our gallery of shutters here.