Jacksonville is a beautiful coastal town perfect for any beach lover. Additions like Bahama window shutters and a fresh paint color can take you from the Florida coast right down to the Caribbean!

The Benefits of Bahama Window Shutters

Jacksonville experiences hurricanes that can cause damage to houses. Bahama window shutters provide an easy, permanent solution for boarding up. With a company like Master Aluminum, you get hurricane rated blinds. This offers the ultimate protection and peace of mind when severe weather hits.

These protective blinds mount to the top of a frame. They also hinge out, making it easy for a single person to open and close them with ease. To prepare for a hurricane, all you need to do is pull your shades closed.

From Jacksonville to the Caribbean with a Color Change

Bahama window shutters are just one aspect of an island-inspired home. The color palette you choose also plays an important role. Bright, vibrant tones add life to your home. There are many hues you can add that give a tropical vibe, including:

  • Turquoise, which gives a feeling of the Atlantic waters near Jacksonville.
  • Vivid shades of green that match some of the Caribbean’s botanicals, like the leaves of a coconut palm tree.
  • Pastel tones like coral, tangerine, and lavender. These are tropical yet subtle options if loud colors are not your thing.

This new coat of paint doesn’t have to clash with your new blinds! Master Aluminum offers custom color options in shades that compliment your home.

Accessorize Island-Style

Bright botanicals are one of the best home accessories to elicit a tropical feeling. Houseplants like elephant ears and palm trees don’t require much work; sunlight and water keep these plants green and growing in Jacksonville. For a pop of color, try a Bird of Paradise or a heliconia.

Accessorize the outside of your home with bright Bahama window shutters and wicker furniture. The inside of your house can also benefit from these additions as well. Caribbean-style homes use wood as an accent in many different ways, from floors to cabinetry. Mahogany and other dark woods are most popular. However, wicker, bamboo, and rattan are more budget-friendly and work just as well.

To contrast these lively decorations, replace bedsheets and curtains with simple white linens. Use these guidelines to pick stylish embellishments like seashells, picture frames, and large rugs.

Choose Master Aluminum for High-Quality Window Shutters

At Master Aluminum, we specialize in Colonial and Bahama window shutters. Our products are Florida Building Code approved and Hurricane Rated. Our shutters are welded seamlessly and coated with a powder finish to withstand harsh UV rays and salty air in Jacksonville. We also offer product warranties and a quality assurance program to guarantee you are happy with your product. Contact us online for more information, or call us at (727) 725-1744.