We are the top Bahama Shutters Manufacturer supplying Jacksonville, Florida. Our shutters are built from high-quality aluminum and made to look like wood.  These solid and beautiful exterior window coverings are ideal for both homes and businesses. Their finish is provided by a durable powder coating process. The advantage of using power coating for Bahama shutters is this finish is far stronger and much longer-lasting than liquid paints.

It is applied with an electric charge, which allows for a beautiful, uniform look that will handle high levels of ultraviolet light and even saltwater in the air. This is ideal for any shutter being used in Jacksonville, Florida due to the high heat climate, sun intensity, and the area’s nearness to the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean and St. John River coastal area.

Bahama Shutters Manufacturer: Master Aluminum

The tradition Bahama Shutter style was designed originally for hot, sunny, humid climates like Duval County and coastal Florida. These protective exterior window coverings offer the following advantages.

  • A clear outdoor view is available while the shutter covers the window
  • Privacy is always in place while light still comes in through the window
  • Bahama shutters are the most beautiful hurricane rated protection available
  • They keep radiant heat from the sun entering the building to a minimum
  • Windows can be opened thus providing airflow while the shutter is in place
  • Custom built and sized to meet and residential or commercial application
  • We are the manufacturer and provide the highest quality at wholesale pricing

Other Bahama Shutter Features:

  • Provide island charm and lasting curb appeal
  • Protects your home or business from Sun and Storms and enjoy additional privacy from neighbors
  • Choose from code-approved hurricane shutters or low impact decorative shutters
  • Designed for versatility and ease of use ( Open or close in about half the usual time )
  • Easily adjust shutters to the position you prefer – completely open, partially open, or fully closed
  • Top-grade aluminum construction resists fading, cracking, rusting, and mildewing
  • Meets Class A insurance requirements for lowered premiums
  • Customizable sizes available upon request