Severe weather is one aspect of living in Jacksonville you cannot avoid. Storm panels, such as Bahama hurricane shutters, are almost a necessity. Areas around Florida are some of the most storm-prone regions in the United States. On average, seven hurricanes affect the country per year. Over half of those may affect those living in the Sunshine State. Major cities are more at risk for damage, and making sure your commercial or residential property is safe requires preventative measures. Bahama hurricane shutters from Master Aluminum are perfect for the Jacksonville area.

Areas closer to the coast receive more wind and debris, which the Florida Building Code uses to measure high-velocity zones. Fortunately, Jacksonville does not typically experience winds above 140 miles per hour, which means options like HV Colonial storm panels offer excellent protection.

We build our products according to the Florida Building Code, using aluminum to ensure a secure design. This material still has high tensile strength compared to other materials and metals, while also being easily malleable and less dense. Our storm panels use 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, which can handle thousands of pounds per square inch.

Rather than investing in something that is only decorative and non-functional like vinyl, Bahama hurricane shutters provide security as well as beauty. Non-high velocity zones like Jacksonville can choose from the HV Bahama and HV Colonial storm panels. Both come with a variety of options such as extending the width and your choice of dozens of colors.

What Makes Aluminum Bahama Hurricane Shutters an Improvement?

Compared to other exterior shutters (wood or vinyl), aluminum is not only safer; it is all around better. Thunderstorms and persistent rains on hot days are things with which the Jacksonville area is familiar. The warm and moist climate easily damages wood that does not have the proper coating or is already rotting. When using wood, the question is not if it will rot or need replacing, but when. You can avoid the issues that come with aging wood by instead investing in aluminum Bahama hurricane shutters.

With an elegant and professional look, fitting an entire property with aesthetic storm panels can give your home a unified appearance. As an additional benefit, you receive your order from us at a lower cost as we streamline the process. Instead of outsourcing manufacturing to another business, we craft our Bahama hurricane shutters at our manufacturing station in Safety Harbor, Florida. We customize every order to fit your needs and home specifications. Instead of offering a premade list of available sizes, homes and commercial properties with non-standard measurements receive the perfect fit. Jacksonville buyers who do not require storm panels can also choose from decorative options.

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Other Options at Master Aluminum

Decorative blinds do not have the strength to handle winds as Bahama hurricane shutters can. However, they do still offer mild protection. Decorative styles are:

  • Simple to use and clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great for increasing ventilation in Jacksonville homes
  • Excellent at protecting against intruders

With options like the Foil Blade and Z Blade our standard designs, you can choose the right look for your property without settling. Besides the look of the blades, there is not a big difference between Foil and Z Blade. One option is not necessarily better than the other, though the Z blade typically costs less. Also, Jacksonville buyers do not have to worry about areas lacking protection and covering. We create storm panels for doors and valances. Since we directly handle the production of your design, we can fit many custom sizes and areas. In addition, we offer a variety of color options for your storm panels, from standard to custom, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s style. To contact Master Aluminum for Colonial or Bahama hurricane shutters and more, you can go online or call in at (727) 725-1744.