Living in Tampa means having to deal with the constant heat and strong storms. Protecting your property from damage starts with having commercial shutters. In addition to protection, they are also an aesthetically pleasing look for any location. There are many different materials and styles of exterior blinds. Bamboo and other wood have been used in many homes and buildings. However, specific places are better off with other options. Aluminum designs offer the same beautiful look without the negatives of wood and natural materials. Even with proper treatment, you may find they damage easily. There is also the problem of wood rot and infestations. Florida is home to many insects that can burrow into wood and weaken panels. This can also result in mildew like scents wafting into your building. Master Aluminum offers stronger and safer aluminum material to avoid deterioration and weak commercial shutters.

Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Shutters

When dealing with a large property or multiple commercial locations in Tampa, relying on residential services is not enough. We at Master Aluminum offer great wholesale prices. Even if you are not dealing with a business location or buying in wholesale, residents can still receive low rates. Commercial shutters have a great looking design and structure that can withstand environmental factors. The main factors that result in damage include ultra-violet rays, rain and saltwater spray, and persistent heat. UV Rays can damage paints and protective coatings on wooden materials. Even during cooler days, UV rays are still present. Also, because of the humidity and heat, wear and tear is more common in locations like Tampa. Commercial shutters from Master Aluminum get rid of the need to worry about damage to your blinds. They provide three significant benefits which are:

  • High-Quality Professional Materials
  • Safe and corrosive resistance
  • Uniform Design

High-Quality Materials

At Master Aluminum, we use a specific type of alloy that is both strong and long-lasting. Our commercial shutter use 6063-T6 aluminum alloy. This particular type of 6063 alloy has the highest tensile strength relative to the other tiers. An additional benefit of 6063-T6 is that it is easier to weld and can be shaped into custom dimensions. It is also lighter than other materials like steel so it will put less stress on your walls.

Durable and Corrosive Resistance

If you live near the ocean, then salt water damage is a constant issue. Also, dealing with storms or hurricanes requires a strong product. Aluminum is naturally corrosive resistant and does not rust like steel. Even with galvanization, only the top layer of steel is safe. At Master Aluminum, Tampa customers can instead invest in commercial shutters that can last for decades.

Other options like vinyl are popular because of their relatively low cost. However, contamination from lead is still a cause for concern. The production of the synthetic material also requires dangerous chemicals. The process is detrimental to the environment and potentially hazardous to consumers. While it is not outright banned in the United States, many organizations recommend not using them. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that PVC blinds not be used in homes with pregnant women or young children.

Uniform Design

Our attention to quality and uniform design means easier self-installation and a better look for Tampa buyers. Our commercial shutters are welded and have the joints sanded for a smooth, seamless finish. Also, you do not have to choose between our pre-defined builds and sizes. Tampa customers can receive custom orders specific to their property’s needs. If you require different styles and arched designs, then we can provide it. Do not waste time on scanning through catalogs for a specific size or dimension. Relying on custom sizes mean you can better serve customers and fit commercial properties.

To avoid low-quality exterior blinds with ugly welds, contact Master Aluminum today. We offer both decorative and hurricane rated shutters. You can reach us at (727) 725-1744 or by going online.