When it comes to window protection in Tampa Bay, there are many options available. Aluminum outdoor shutters are one of the most beneficial types for this area. With our high humidity and hurricanes, homes need durable protection that will last.

Aluminum Outdoor Shutters Vs. Other Materials

There are many options for exterior shutters. However, not all of these materials are good for homes in Tampa Bay.

  • Plastic

Plastic louvers are inexpensive. Also, like aluminum outdoor shutters, they are moisture-resistant. However, they are not the most stable. They also carry a lot of weight, which puts stress on the frame and hinges. Plastic can also yellow over time, and UV rays can turn it brittle.

  • Laminate

Laminated pane coverings are another lower-priced option. You can wrap, paint, or stain laminate. However, there are some downsides. A laminate is not recommended for humid environments like Tampa Bay.

  • Wood Composite

A wood composite is yet another option for exterior shading. These blinds are lower in cost, like the options above. They also come in many shapes and colors. Once again, though, the rain and humidity of our area could damage the shades and cause them to sag. They can also experience joint failure.

  • Wood

Premium wood panels are a beautiful choice. These are stable, difficult to damage, and resist bowing and warping. Unfortunately, premium wood materials are very expensive. Also, most premium woods are not recommended for high-moisture environments.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum outdoor shutters are perfect for Tampa Bay. They are moisture-resistant and durable. These offer shade as well as privacy, and you can paint them many different colors. This material is very sturdy and protects against hurricanes. Because these are metal, they can dent. Even so, manufacturers often offer warranties and quality assurance.

Styles of Aluminum Outdoor Shutters

Two of the most popular types of aluminum outdoor shutters are Bahama and Colonial. Bahama shutters hinge on the top of the window. The Caribbean style gives your home an island feel. These open and close with ease and can control the amount of light allowed in your Tampa Bay home. To get hurricane-ready, simply pull the Bahamas down.

  • Colonial Style Shutters

Colonial-style aluminum outdoor shutters are another option for blocking out the sun. The Colonial style of shutter mounts to the side of a window and hinges on the outside. The panels open away from the window with these blinds, so you have a clear view. One person can open and close these shutters to have sunlight or shade anytime with ease. Our colonial-style louvers use a storm bar to lock them in preparation for a storm. Also, these will work as intruder protection if you are a snowbird. 

  • Hurricane Protection

Master Aluminum specializes in Bahama and Colonial aluminum outdoor shutters. Our products provide Tampa Bay homes with shade as well as hurricane protection. We also offer decorative options including:

  • Foil Blade Bahama Style
  • Z Blade Colonial Style
  • Board and Batten Colonial Style
  • Arched Foil Blade Panel

No matter what look you are going for, aluminum outdoor shutters are durable and can fit the look of any home.

Hurricane Protection in Tampa Bay

Florida is vulnerable to severe storms and hurricanes. Aluminum outdoor shutters are the most beneficial due to their hurricane protection properties. These allow you to cover your windows quickly and easily during a storm. This avoids the chance of the glass breaking and becoming harmful shards. These also aid in the safeguarding of your home and will lower the cost of damage repairs once the storm is over.

At Master Aluminum, all products are made to ensure protection from dangerous storms. We manufacture our products to meet Florida Building Codes. They are also hurricane-rated. These are a great choice for Tampa Bay, which can experience a wind speed of over 140 mph during a storm.

Master Aluminum

At Master Aluminum, we specialize in manufacturing aluminum outdoor shutters for Tampa Bay. We weld our shutters to guarantee a seamless looking and durable product. They are ready for installation when they ship from our factory. Our company offers product warranties and a quality assurance program. We make custom products that last. Contact us online or call us at (727) 725-1744 for more information.