What Are Custom Bahama Shutters? 

Custom Bahama shutters are a type of shutter that attaches outside of your home or commercial building. They mount to the top of your window and are just one piece. Bahama shutters will protect your home as well as offer aesthetic enhancements. They’re easy for only one person to pull down during a storm, and installation is a breeze. Shutters can be opened entirely, slightly propped, or all the way closed for privacy. The width can be extended up to 120 inches using multiple center mullions. 

Hurricane Protection

The principal purpose of Bahama shutters is storm protection. The structure is exceptionally durable, preventing anything from entering your home. Furthermore, they’re Florida building code approved for non-high velocity zones. Winds during a hurricane can reach 74 to 156 miles per hour. When winds this strong enter a home, it can blow the roof off. So stay protected with Master Aluminum’s custom Bahama shutters. Some other examples of the way a hurricane could damage your home are:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Inland flooding
  • Tornadoes
  • Rip Currents 


Compared to other regular aluminum shutters, Bahama shutters are more physically appealing. They will dramatically enhance the exterior look of your home. Additionally, your custom Bahama shutters are made to fit the look of your home, and the design variety is wide. Made with sturdy aluminum, we craft your shutters to fit almost any size window. 

Custom Bahama Shutters Will Let Air And Light In 

You will feel secure with your shutters during a storm. This is due to the fact they close completely blocking out air and light. But what about when the weather is great? A common problem that is now one of the past is the issue of complete darkness and restricted airflow into the home when shutters are closed. Hurricane season doesn’t last forever, though, and that’s why custom Bahama shutters allow the perfect amount of light and fresh air into your home. While still partially restricting some of the sun’s harsh UV rays. So you don’t have the direct Florida sun beaming into your home.


To maintain the Bahama shutters, you want to remove thumbscrews and twice a year and coat them in a product called “Never-Sieze.” By doing this, you prevent the screws from seizing against the collars and stopping you from adjusting the angles of your shutters. Besides this simple step, when cleaning the exterior of your shutters, remember to use mild soaps and soft brushes to avoid damaging your aluminum. Do not use abrasive brushes such as

  • Steel wool
  • Sandpaper

Aluminum Vs. Galvanized Metals

Galvanization is a process where metals are coated with a layer of zinc. This is done to prevent corrosion, but this only leaves the top layer protected. Unlike aluminum, which is extremely durable all the way through and resistant to corrosion factors like salt. Another benefit of aluminum is its lightweight. This allows for easier installation while still doing its job to protect you. We also make colonial style shutters with the same material.  

How You Know If You Need Bahama Shutters

Living under the Florida sun is reason enough to install shutters. They call it the sunshine state for a reason. Your shutters act as a moderate temperature controller by blocking out sunlight. Florida residents are also very familiar with hurricanes. Don’t just board up your windows; this has proven not to be effective. So, if you’re a Florida resident odds are you’re going to benefit from installing custom Bahama shutters.


Employees at master aluminum are more than happy to install your shutters. You don’t want to find a mistake was made when you’re in the midst of a storm. Not to mention permits and other requirements are needed to install legally. 

Custom Bahama Shutters Styles Not For Hurricane Protection

  • Foil Blade Bahama Shutter – Despite being an architectural or decorative design, these shutters are still solid. With a unified welded frame, you’re secure in high wind environments while even able to let the light sun and fresh air in.  
  • Z Blade Bahama Shutter – Also, having a welded frame, the Z blade is very economical and lightweight. 

Depending on your location and preferences, you have options to choose from. These two shutters are more for aesthetic purposes, but the Bahama hurricane shutters are a necessity for living in Florida. We have so many storms throughout the year, and it’s necessary to stay protected. 

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