Master Aluminum has manufactured shutters in the St. Augustine area for over 30 years. Our welded construction creates a seamless finish that you just can’t find anywhere else. Not to mention, our use of durable aluminum allows for an extremely sturdy product. There are many shutter styles available, and if you’re looking for a colonial shutter manufacturer near your home in St. Augustine, look no further than Master Aluminum. 

Colonial Shutters 

Colonial shutters have a style that influences the look of a classic colonial home. They attach permanently to the sides of your windows and can be used for decoration or hurricane protection. Colonial shutters can help you actually save money in the long run. From decreasing your homeowner’s insurance to lowering costs on energy bills, shutters could save you big time. Furthermore, an increase in the resale value of your home is a possibility as well. When you install shutters, they provide light control. In turn, this shade can lower the temperature in your home while eliminating the awful sun’s glare. 

Shutters For Hurricane Protection

During a hurricane, your house could face severe damage. Strong winds can send flying debris through your windows, potentially even threatening your safety. Unfortunately, if winds are strong enough, the pressure from the wind alone could break your window. So it’s essential to have your windows secure during a store, so you don’t risk damage. The hurricane products that Master Aluminum offers are the HV Bahama hurricane shutter and the HV colonial hurricane shutter. These shutters are incredibly durable and guarantee your windows stay intact during a storm.

Decorative Shutters 

Despite being decorative shutters, these products are still very durable and can really boost the aesthetic of your home. 

  • Foil Blade Bahama Shutter
  • Z Blade Bahama Shutter
  • Foil Blade Colonial Shutter
  • Z Blade Colonial Shutter
  • Board And Batten Colonial Shutter
  • Arched Foil Blade Panel 
  • Arched Board And Batten

Each shutter offers a different function and unique style so you can find the perfect fit for your St. Augustine home. Not to mention there’s a multitude of color options available to guarantee your shutters are an ideal match. The color options include standard, custom, and matte finish. So there’s a lot of room for you to get creative and find the shutters that best serve your home.

Seamless Welded Construction

Shutters can run into problems with erosion and pitting when built and maintained improperly. Cracks and crevasses, as well as screws, allow for the build-up of salt and other debris. However, we are a colonial shutter manufacturer that uses welded construction to craft our shutters. By eliminating cracks and the need for screws, you get a seamless finish that increases your shutter’s life span and strength.

After everything is done, we finish the shutters with a powder coat. This kind of coat is typically challenging to do on a shutter, but we’ve found a way to perfect the process. We monitor the thickness of the coat and use technology to find any discrepancies and immediately fix them.

How To Maintain Shutters From Your Colonial Shutter Manufacturer 

The first step to care for your shutters is making sure you use them. If they aren’t in consistent use, open them up at least once a month to ensure everything is moving correctly. You don’t want to find out your shutters aren’t working right before the news of a storm. When you clean your shutters, remember not to use any abrasive soaps or harsh brushes. Aluminum will ware from harsh chemicals and damage the integrity of the shutter. 

Easy Set Up And Installation

Securing colonial shutters will only take a few minutes and can quickly be done by one person if necessary. This is beneficial to those who might live alone or are physically unable to set up something large and heavy.

Installation is also made ten times easier because Master Aluminum pre drills mounting holes and measure everything. It’s immediately ready for setting up when it arrives. In turn, there won’t be as much cleanup and installation time is significantly decreased. Furthermore, you won’t have to find extra storage space for your shutters. We also permanently attach shutters, so when you want sun in, you simply just open them up.


We have warranties on all our products, and a dealer is there to assist you through the whole process. No matter the question, we are by your side for advice the entire way. So if you’re interested in shutters for decoration, for your business or for hurricane protection, contact us online or give us a call at 727-725-1744 for any more information.