In Tampa Bay, window shutters can be both practical and aesthetic. The magic of Master Aluminum is in manufacturing beautiful shutters that will safeguard your home and save you money.

Tampa Bay is an area known for its sunny days and conversely, its stormy hurricane season. Master Aluminum shutters on your home is an investment that can provide benefits to you in several ways. Functional, decorative shutters can offer privacy and energy savings by filtering light and heat. Shutters can not only be attractive but also protect from hurricanes. They not only safeguard your home but may help you save on insurance costs as well.

Styles of Window Shutters

We manufacture Decorative, and Florida Building Code approved HV or High-Velocity shutters in the following styles:

Bahama Shutters – hinged at the top and designed to defend against rain and storms, not only this, but it provides outstanding privacy. Bahama window shutters can help save energy costs by limiting the amount of light entering the home. They give your home or commercial building an island look and feel.

Colonial Shutters – permanently mounted to the sides of your windows. These traditional style colonial shutters come in your choice of single panel, double or triple panels. They are easy to operate, providing security and protection at a moment’s notice.

We also have many colors and finishes to choose from, so your shutters can truly be customized.

Types of Window Shutters

  • Architectural or Decorative Shutters – all of the following are available in Bahama and Colonial styles
    • Z Blade – economical, lightweight, and constructed in a way that eliminates the possibility of the frame bowing in high wind conditions.
    • Foil Blade – strong and lasting, likewise built to erase the possibility of bending during a storm. This blade type is also available in an Arched configuration.
    • Board and Batten – one of our toughest shutters offered in a variety of sizes and configurations
  • Storm or Hurricane Window Shutters – HV Colonial Shutters and HV Bahama Shutters are built to meet the specifications of the Florida Build Code for Non-High Velocity Zones.
  • Commercial Shutters – Commercial properties need protection from hurricane winds and rain just as much as residential properties do. Our welded shutters guarantee strength and durability. Our commercial customers often choose shutters for simple aesthetic purposes as well.

Other Benefits

Attractive, functional, durable shutters attached to your home or commercial building means that you do not have to worry about finding a place to store your window protection. Other storm protection options leave hinges or roll storage aprons in sight when not in use. Your home will still maintain its curb appeal if you are away during the hurricane season. Nailing boards to your windows will be a thing of the past.

Why Consider Tampa Bay’s Master Aluminum

Our window shutters are of the highest quality. They are custom made and welded. Welding ensures a stronger product and eliminates seams and crevices, which might otherwise invite pitting and corrosion.

We offer more than window shutters. Custom shutters can be made to fit any vision you may have for your home. For example, our shutters are also doors, valances, and gates.

Master Aluminum has been serving South Florida since 1987, not to mention, our manufacturing facility is here in South Florida. We participate in a quality assurance program administered by the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI). All of our products are warranties for three, five, or seven years depending on the options applied.

Contact Us Today

Although we sell mainly wholesale to our dealers, we also provide window shutters to homeowners at a low retail price. We can also direct you to an authorized Master Aluminum dealer. Please visit our website to see our gallery of shutters or get information on the types, styles, colors, and finishes available to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 727-725-1744 or contact us online.