In a coastal town like Jacksonville, many residents strive for an island feel in their homes. Bahama window shutters and bright paint are just two of the many ways to infuse a Caribbean style into your house.

Use Bright Colors

The use of vibrant colors is essential inside and outside of a Caribbean-style home. A shade of blue like turquoise is a great way to get that island feel. It gives a feeling of warm Atlantic waters.

Coral is a perfect pastel that says “tropic” without saying “gaudy.” It is a subtle, warm color that can be used as an accent, or as the main shade in your scheme. A pastel orange works similarly to coral. It is also a warm and lighter color, reminiscent of sunsets.

Adding bright leafy green is another great way to get the tropical colors. You can use this to paint areas of your living space, such as walls or Bahama window shutters or in the form of indoor botanicals.


Palm trees and palm fronds are simple patterns that add an island vibe with ease. Floral patterns also add style. Both palm and floral patterns make for beautiful accents with the hues suggested above. Wood and bamboo patterns are also simple while still aesthetically pleasing. Adding hints of these patterns will transport you from Jacksonville to the Caribbean without leaving your house.

Bahama Window Shutters

These shades are a perfect way to give the outside of your house an island-style look. The perks of Bahama window shutters are not limited to aesthetics, though. These provide a permanent way to shade your home throughout the year. They mount to the top of the frame and hinge out, making it easy for one person to open and close them with ease.

When made with aluminum, these provide Jacksonville with strong protection. Wind speeds can reach over 110 mph during a hurricane. These strong gusts can pick up heavy debris, which is a danger to a glass window. Bahama window shutters allow for quick and simple coverage during a storm. Master Aluminum makes products that are hurricane-rated as well as Florida Building Code approved. They will keep you safe and reduce the cost of damage after a storm.

Accessorize Your Jacksonville Home

Wood accents are a staple in Caribbean-style houses. Dark woods, such as mahogany, are the most popular. If you are looking to make a large remodel, replace existing cabinets or floors with dark woods. If you already have light colored wood cabinets, try sanding them down and staining them with a darker stain.

For a more budget-friendly addition to your tropical Jacksonville home, wicker, bamboo, and rattan add just the right amount of a wood accent.

Bring in the green with tropical plants. Plants can be bought any time throughout the year and do well with a splash of water and a bit of sunlight. Be sure to place them near your Bahama window shutters, which will allow you to adjust the amount of light you let in. Your options are limitless, but popular choices include:

  • Palm trees
  • Dumb canes
  • Orchids
  • Dwarf elephant ears

White linens add a clean and crisp look to bedrooms as well as anywhere you hang a curtain. Place shells around your home to add a beachy feeling. These are not hard to find in Jacksonville. Pottery is also another popular choice as a decoration.

Caribbean inspiration comes from colors, designs, accessories, and the feelings. Incorporating these options into your living space will make you feel like you are in the tropics.

Master Aluminum: Offering the Highest-Quality Products

If you are looking to give your Jacksonville home a Caribbean-style makeover, come to Master Aluminum for your custom Bahama window shutters. Our products ship from the factory ready for installation. We weld them to ensure durability and a seamless look. We offer product warranties and we are a part of a quality assurance program to guarantee you receive the best product. Contact us online or call us at (727) 725-1744.