At Master Aluminum, we craft elite commercial shutters made of high quality extruded aluminum. You can install shutters for an aesthetic boost, hurricane protection, or both! Adding shutters to your business will catch the eye of the public, potentially enhancing your clientele. Furthermore, the hurricane shutters are guaranteed to protect your windows from flying debris and pressure from hurricane-force winds. So you’re guaranteed protection with style when you invest in commercial shutters in Bradenton.

Hurricane Protection

Residents of the Bradenton community are familiar with hurricanes. But this doesn’t mean protection is any less important. It is essential to secure the windows of your building during hurricane season, or you could potentially face severe damage.

When hurricane-force winds pick up debris, standard glass windows don’t stand a chance. Not to mention the pressure won’t have anywhere to go once it enters your home. In the worst cases, the pressure causes an uplift so strong it rips your roof off. So be safer than sorry this hurricane season and protect your business.

Visually Enhance Your Building With Commercial Shutters

If you’re interested in storm protection but don’t want to compromise the look of your commercial building, we have the perfect solution. Shutters install permanently, but this is beneficial because they are an asset to the exterior of your building and do more than just serve the purpose of protection.

Commercial shutters have the potential to actually bring in more business or keep potential clients on board. First impressions are essential, so the first look someone takes at your building could leave a lasting impression. Additionally, there is a multitude of color options to choose from, so you can perfectly match the look and feel of your business.

Benefits Of Commercial Shutters

Commercial shutters will protect you and potentially enhance your business, but they can also offer,

  • Security
  • Light control
  • Insurance savings
  • Privacy

By installing durable aluminum shutters over all of your windows, you significantly decrease the chance of a break-in. If a hurricane can’t get in, neither can a burglar. This is just one of the many benefits among light control and insurance savings. Insurance companies see you’re taking precautions against hurricane damage and will possibly decrease how much you pay for your homeowner’s insurance. Save on your energy bills as well with the shade commercial shutters provide for your building. With this light control, you can run your AC either at a higher temperate or use it less in general. Not to mention, shutters offer privacy when you close them completely.

Colonial and Bahama Shutters

Bahama and colonial shutters are currently the most popular shutter options. Bahama shutters attach to the top of your window and deploy upwards, whereas colonial shutters attach at the sides. Colonial shutters influence the look of a classic southern home, while Bahama shutters give more of an island look. We manufacture both shutters to meet the Florida building code for non-high velocity zones, so we guarantee a durable product.

What Makes The Shutters So Durable?

Welded construction creates a seamless finish that allows for an extremely durable product mechanical fasteners just can’t compare to. The use of welded construction also eliminates the need for screws. This is beneficial to the shutter’s lifespan because when screws you use in shutters, the dissimilar metals start to erode. Corrosion is usually what ends up killing a shutter, but welded construction and proper maintenance slow this process.

It’s typically a challenge to powder coat shutters because of all the different sections. Fortunately, though, master aluminum professionals found a way to efficiently and accurately apply the powder coat. We notice inconsistencies and address them immediately and closely monitor the thickness of the powder applied. Furthermore, the person who will apply the coat is extremely qualified and experienced in order to give you the best product possible.


When we ship your shutters mounting holes and everything else is already pre-drilled and measured. When the shutters get to you, they’re entirely ready for installation. This saves the installer so much time and makes the process a lot easier by having to use fewer tools. Not to mention cleanup is quicker as well.

Contact Us About Commercial Shutters!

If you’re looking to protect and enhance your building with commercial shutters, call us at 727-725-1744 or contact us online today. For any of your questions or concerns, the dealers at Master Aluminum will be by your side the entire way. Protect your building in style this hurricane season and even possibly bring in more customers!