At Master Aluminum we are experts in improving the look of your Clearwater home. Our shutters are not only attractive but also help protect your home from the extreme damage caused during hurricane season. The exterior shutters for hurricanes Clearwater homeowners require should not only provide strength against extreme winds but also maintain the curb appeal of your home. We are experts in crafting aesthetically pleasing hurricane shutters that will stand up to Mother Nature’s most powerful winds.

Strength of Exterior Hurricane Shutters

Our Bahama shutters are built for strength while adding a unique design element to your home. The exterior shutters for hurricanes Clearwater homeowners choose should include the following features offered by Master Aluminum:

  • Solid Frames: Our frames are made from 6063-T6 aluminum and wall thickness of .045. For added strength, the corner joints are welded with 100% penetration to withstand hurricane-force winds. We don’t use screws and our colonial shutter hinges are mounted to the frame with 3/16 aluminum rivets and reinforced with ¾” tack welds.
  • Blades: Our foil louvres or blades are also made from 6063-T6 with a wall thickness of .045. They have a hollow airfoil shape with a reinforced center fin. Welding eliminates the possibility of bowing in high winds.
  • Continuous Joints: Our hurricane shutters use welds that are ground down and sanded for a smooth continuous corner joint.
  • Powder Coating: The exterior finish is cleaned and etched, then powder coated with a polyester super durable powder. Our process ensures durability even in high salt environments.
  • AAMA Specifications: We meet the performance standards required by AAMA specifications #2604.
  • Quality Assurance: Master Aluminum is enrolled in a quality assurance program administered by the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI).

We are committed to producing the highest quality shutters for your home.

Beautifully Designed Hurricane Shutters

With our beautifully designed hurricane shutters, you never sacrifice appearance for durability. You can choose between our Colonial or Bahama shutters based on your sense of style. We offer 18 high gloss standard colors to choose from as well as 25 low gloss colors. Nonstandard RAL colors are also available. Your home can stand out with vibrant colors that mark the unique style of Florida homes from pretty pinks, to alluring turquoises and shocking purples to elegant black or cream. We can customize your shutters to suit your taste including rolling top frames to create custom arches for colonial shutters and panels. We can also add nail fins, mounting angles, and other custom accessories to create your own unique design.

Strength of Exterior Shutters for Hurricanes in Clearwater

Of course, strength is a major concern for hurricane grade shutters. As mentioned, our frames are welded providing extra strength difficult to match in other manufacturing techniques. Our foundation is state of the art, providing durability not found with mechanical fasteners. We use a unified welded frame to eliminate seams and crevasses. 

These seams and crevasses make shutters vulnerable to corrosion which not only causes unsightly pitting, but also leads to weakening of your frame. When frame joints are not welded and smooth, they can’t be powder coated allowing moisture and salt to cause damage. Our welded frames don’t use the screws and rivets which are likely to rust and corrode over time. You can also choose added protection such as sealant, primer, and clear coat applied. The end result is always the same: superior durability and longer life.

Easy Ordering and Installation

Shopping for the exterior shutters for hurricanes Clearwater homeowners love begins with a talk with our team. We are here to answer your questions and make recommendations sure to suit your needs. We can discuss your options and provide quotes. Once you decide on the best choice for your shutters, they are shipped from the factory ready to install. With pre-drilled mounting holes and accurate sizing, installation requires fewer tools and time. Your order can be ready in just a few days as everything is handled in house. You can depend on us for timely delivery so you can schedule installation in advance.

Affordable Pricing & Warranty

Because we do everything in house, we greatly reduce expenses other manufacturers face such as the cost to ship out shutters for custom powder coating. Our savings are passed onto you, in hand with our warranty. We offer three, five, or seven-year warranties depending on the options applied to your order. We stand behind our shutters as we know we have taken every step to ensure the highest quality product.

If you are seeking the exterior shutters for hurricanes Clearwater homeowners need, or even for commercial applications, you can trust Master Aluminum for the highest quality product. Call us at (727) 725-1744 or contact us here.