Aluminum shutters provide excellent home protection in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to any property. If you live or work in the Tampa Bay area, then you know that storms and searing hot days are frequent. However cheap blinds are not the most effective way to protect your home or property while keeping it cool and looking great.

At Master Aluminum, as a residential buyer, all you have to do is install our high-quality products to your windows. While we typically sell to wholesalers, property owners throughout Tampa Bay can still purchase our aluminum shutters. Depending on your style, or to match the design of your property, you can choose from a variety of options. We offer various styles, including:

How Do I Get the Best Shutters for My Home or Property?

When looking for the right window protection for a specific home, you may not even know where to begin. You can go to an online site, your nearest home improvement store, or find a local business that can handle it all for you. Out of these options, only dealing with a local business can get you the exact quality and design you want. Shopping online does not give you the information you need about fit and quality, while big box stores offer lower quality. Without the hands-on approach our professionals offer, getting the right long-lasting and durable shutters in Tampa Bay can be difficult.

For Tampa Bay residents attempting to fit shutters, getting the wrong product can be a setback. After all, you may have to deal with returning a dozen or so items before you get one with the proper fit for your windows. However, wholesalers and those who need bulk orders should not waste their time with cheaper shutters. Our designers and manufacturers know precisely how to create long-lasting and protective aluminum shutters that fit any window.

What Makes Aluminum Shutters Special?

If you have been looking for shutters for a while, most people will find that their options are either wood, vinyl, or metal. When deciding on what material is best to make up your exterior look, aluminum will always be the better option. This lightweight metal is lighter than other metals like steel, but just as durable. Rather than buckling under substantial amounts of pressure, the metal withstands thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. Steel is a bit stronger, but also a lot denser. When attaching something to your property, the last thing you want is for it to be too heavy. Not to mention they can become a major hazard during a hurricane if they become airborne. Installation is also made much more difficult with heavier materials to carry.

Aluminum shutters have a variety of properties that make them perfect for exteriors. This material is resistant to damage from harmful UV rays as well as corrosive salt water, both of which are prevalent in the Tampa Bay area. If you own coastal property, then using aluminum is a necessity.

Our aluminum shutters are also complete with all the shine and detail to finish it off. All the harsh welding sights are sanded down to give it a smooth and unified look. Also, with dozens of custom color options, you do not need to paint anything before installation.

Wood and Vinyl Shutters

While wood is beautiful to look at, it does not last as long as other materials, and it is often expensive. Wood designs can give a home an antique, classic look, but they are not great in the Tampa Bay sun and humidity. Wood can peel, fade, and rot, which means more money out of your pocket for replacements and repairs. Compared to aluminum shutters, vinyl is a lower-tier substitute. Vinyl may also look cheap and is much weaker than other options.

To get products made to last without the issues of more inexpensive materials, contact Master Aluminum at (727) 725-1744 or by going online.