Tampa experiences severe weather, but many residents have installed storm shutters to protect their homes. What kind of natural disasters can these blinds shield and protect from?


Tampa does not see too many dangerous tornadoes, though they do occasionally happen. Twisters are created when dry, cool air and warm, humid air meet. The speed of these winds increases and suddenly changes directions. The air begins to rotate and rise upwards, creating the large spinning columns that do the most harm.

The speed of tornadoes sometimes reaches upwards of 300 miles per hour. With this force, tornadoes can uproot trees, pick up cars, and demolish entire buildings in Tampa. If you are in the direct path of a tornado, your best bet is to get underground in a basement or cellar. However, even if you are not in the twister’s direct path, your house can still be damaged by the debris and large objects picked up by the air currents.

While storm shutters cannot keep a tornado from tearing your roof off, they can keep flying objects from breaking your windows. Not only is the broken glass a safety hazard, but your home will also be vulnerable to the intense winds. Protective shades allow dangerous projectiles to bounce off of them and cause little to no damage.


Earthquakes typically occur when two rocks that were stuck rubbing against each other split apart. The break causes a release of pressure, and the rocks shift around until they get stuck again. These shifting rocks cause the ground above, on the surface, to become unstable and shift. This type of natural disaster has destroyed entire cities.

When the ground shakes, it becomes unstable support. This can topple buildings and even cause them to sink into the ground. Landslides and mudslides can occur as well. If an earthquake hit near a dam, there could be floods. Finally, the risk of fire increases with broken power lines and gas lines.

Unfortunately, storm shutters cannot do much to protect against an earthquake. While they might work well to keep mudslides from entering your home, much of the damage from an earthquake comes from underneath the ground, rather than where storm shutters are located. Luckily, earthquakes are extremely rare in Tampa and throughout the rest of Florida as well.


Floods can happen for many reasons. Broken dams, heavy rains, and river overflow are typical causes of this natural disaster. With Tampa being located right along the Gulf of Mexico, there is also a small possibility of a tsunami occurring.

When your home floods, irreparable damage often occurs. This includes mold and mildew growth, ruined furniture, peeling paint and wallpaper, and warped wood. Valuables should be stored in air-tight containers on elevated surfaces to ensure protection.

Storm shutters buffer heavy rains and keep powerful waves from breaking your windows, but they cannot prevent water from entering your house in other ways. Garage doors and regular doors can still let water in. The safest thing to do during a flood in Tampa is head to higher ground.

Storm Shutters Provide the Ultimate Hurricane Protection

Tampa is very familiar with the events of a hurricane. A hurricane first forms over warm ocean waters. Water vapor releases heat when it condenses into clouds, causing the surrounding air to heat up. If there is no wind to disperse this cycle, winds spiral inwards and continues to take in water vapor, causing the hurricane to grow. The large mass travels by the air currents and often hits populated areas with severe weather.

Many of the effects of a flood and twister can also occur during a hurricane. Projectile objects get swept up by strong winds and cause damage to whatever they hit. Heavy rains and rising waters can cause flooding on streets and inside homes.

Storm shutters provide peace of mind for residents of Tampa when hurricane season hits. These shades can be installed at any time and stay up year-round. This means that when a hurricane warning is issued, you will have one less thing to worry about, as your storm shutters need to be shut and secured.

Master Aluminum Keeps Tampa Residents Safe

At Master Aluminum, we specialize in welded storm shutters to keep our clients safe. We offer hurricane-rated Colonial and Bahama-style shades to ensure that your home will look good and stay safe at the same time. If your windows are already hurricane-ready, we also make decorative blinds to boost the aesthetic of your living space. Our focus is on consistent quality, excellent product design, and product superiority. For more information on our services, contact us online or call us at (727) 725-1744.