Residents of Tampa Bay have seen what severe weather can do to homes. Hurricane shutters for apartments are just one of many methods to keep your loft safe from damage.

The Benefits of Hurricane Shutters for Apartments

Windows provide the perfect access point for damage both inside and outside your living space in Tampa Bay. With intense wind speeds and flying objects, there is a chance your windows could break. This leaves your home vulnerable to:

  • Bulky items that have been picked up in the wind
  • Heavy rains
  • High-speed winds

The air currents created during severe weather can pick up all sorts of debris as well as heavy objects. Anything from rocks and tree limbs to trash cans and patio furniture can become dangerous projectiles headed for your loft. This is true even for flats on higher floors.

With hurricane shutters for apartments, you can reduce the risk of damage inside your space. Aluminum shades work to block objects from breaking your windows. In addition, they protect against powerful air currents. You will not have to worry about keeping the inside of your home protected. Your furniture, flooring, and walls will not suffer from water damage. You will not have to stress about shattered glass. Instead, you can focus on keeping your family safe.

Not only is this a very durable form of weather protection, but it stays up year-round as well. This means you can prepare your home quickly and easily when an extreme storm warning hits. With Bahama or Colonial-style hurricane shutters for apartments, you have a decorative shade year-round and a protective cover when you need it.

Renting Does Not Guarantee Protection

Many people who rent their living spaces in Tampa Bay do not worry about hurricane shutters for apartments. They think that whoever owns the building will cover all damages. However, this is not always true. When you rent, you are often still responsible for the personal objects that you brought with you. Jewelry, clothes, appliances, and furniture that suffer damage due to severe weather are your responsibility. Those that have renter’s insurance have a better chance of getting their personal items repaired or replaced, but those without insurance are not as lucky.

It could be worth speaking to your landlord about installing hurricane shutters for apartments. Not only will you benefit, as your personal items will be safe, but your landlord will also be reducing the risk of damage they are responsible for. Heavy rains can cause problems in Tampa Bay, even for units on higher floors. When unprotected windows shatter, air currents blow rain into your home. This causes mold and mildew to grow. In addition, wooden surfaces will warp and bend. It is possible that your living space could become unlivable and require repairs. If this happens, your landlord will lose a lot of time and money.

Higher Floors Are Not Always Safer

While a unit on a higher floor is less likely to experience flooding, this does not mean they are not at risk. Without hurricane shutters for apartments, residents of Tampa Bay living on the upper floors of high-rise buildings face extreme winds. Air currents can gain speeds over more than 100 miles per hour. This level of intensity causes windows to blow out. Areas at a taller height are more likely to see the effects of the wind itself, rather than the items it picks up.

With the right protection, living on an upper floor will not seem like such a risk. Many panels are created to block category five hurricane strength wind speeds, reducing the chance of glass breakage. Furthermore, many newer housing options in Tampa Bay have been built with updated codes, creating stronger structures to keep people safe during extreme weather.

Trust Master Aluminum to Keep Your Loft Livable

At Master Aluminum, we strive to provide our Tampa Bay customers with products they can count on. Our exterior blinds are hurricane rated, welded, and coated with a powdered finish to ensure maximum strength. We offer hurricane shutters for apartments in two styles: Bahama and Colonial. Our specialization in these two specific products let us focus on what is essential: consistent quality, excellent design, and a superior product. Our blinds are custom made to fit your needs and come in many different colors. For more information, contact us online or call us at (727) 725-1744.