For a coastal town like Jacksonville, hurricanes cause severe damage to homes and businesses alike. Commercial storm shutters are one of the best ways business owners can protect their property and keep the company going.

The Effects of a Hurricane

A hurricane is much more damaging than a thunderstorm. Gale-force winds, rising waters, and pouring rain are just a few of the elements that can wreak havoc on establishments in Jacksonville. Extreme winds can also pick up patio furniture, garbage cans, and debris like tree limbs. These items become projectiles in the strong air currents and can easily break through windows that are not boarded up. If windows break, heavy rains entering homes cause serious water damage that can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Buildings without commercial storm shutters are at risk. High winds and projectile objects can easily shatter glass windows, creating an unsafe environment and causing damage to the interior as well. Wind speeds begin around 74 mph and can reach 150 mph during Category 5 hurricanes. With the protection of aluminum shutters, the weather has less of an impact on your building, both physically and economically.

Risks for Home and Business

Severe hurricanes cause extensive damage to structures along the Jacksonville coast. Both houses and businesses are at risk for severe interior and exterior damage. The result is not just a loss of property. After severe weather, it can take months to recuperate and rebuild, leaving companies out of business for far too long. Many people suffer a loss of income in these situations. With commercial storm shutters, there is less worry because there is less damage.

Commercial Storm Shutters Provide Peace of Mind

When your windows are secured, the inside of your business is safe from heavy rains and projectile objects. Not only will your property remain intact, but the goods and services you provide will still be functional. While building repair is one area of concern, the loss of merchandise also packs a punch.

Commercial storm shutters provide peace of mind to business owners in Jacksonville. When harsh weather hits, many people wish to be with their family in the comfort of their own home rather than at their place of work. However, worrying about the state of their company can add unnecessary stress and take the focus away from the safety of their family. With aluminum blinds, there is no need to worry about the protection of your establishment.

Staying Safe in Jacksonville

While commercial storm shutters are an effective way to keep your company safe during a hurricane, other steps provide additional safety. Before the disaster hits Jacksonville, cut back tree limbs and remove any unstable trees for the area around your establishment. Reinforce and secure all signs, fences, and flagpoles around your exterior. Move any essential items, such as electronics and valuable merchandise, to higher grounds

It is an excellent idea to hire a disaster repair service. In the event that your establishment experiences damage, through flooding, debris, or other natural disasters, a disaster repair service quickly and effectively gets your business back up and running. These experts anticipate the damages of severe weather that might not appear for weeks after the incident, such as mold growth.

It is also wise to discuss hurricane preparedness with your employees. By educating them on the best methods to stay safe, you reduce their risk of disaster and ensure you will not lose a member of your team. Finally, along with commercial storm shutters, look into aluminum blinds for your home as well. They provide all the same protection to your living space and loved ones.

Master Aluminum

At Master Aluminum, we specialize in residential and commercial storm shutters. Our goal is to keep residents of Jacksonville safe and relaxed with our products. Our hurricane-rated blinds are Florida building code approved and welded with 100% penetration in order to ensure the integrity of our shades. In addition, our welds keep the blinds from bowing in harsh weather. Finally, our products are powder-coated and painted one of many standard or custom color options.

When it comes to hurricane protection, trust the professionals at Master Aluminum. The products we provide are installation-ready, covered by warranty, and perfect for any business in Jacksonville. For more information on what we can provide for you, contact us online or call us at (727)725-1744.