Operating from a commercial site adds more financial responsibility to running your St. Augustine business. Your building needs to look good and be protected from the potential havoc Florida weather can create. While you try to prepare yourself for the worst possible scenario, there’s no way to know how severe the weather will be. As well, your property value can suffer if you aren’t maintaining it to a high standard.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to protect your business and upgrade the aesthetics of your building is to look at the commercial shutters St. Augustine businesses order. At Master Aluminum, we manufacture hurricane-rated and decorative Bahama and Colonial shutters. We can easily provide decorative, protective shutters in a series of styles, designed to protect, or simply enhance your commercial property.

Why Choose the Hurricane Commercial Shutters St. Augustine Businesses Love?

One of the downsides of living in St. Augustine is the threat of severe weather. This is the main reason commercial properties choose Hurricane Commercial Shutters to protect their property. Your business has a lot to lose when hurricanes or severe winds threaten the area. You can use our hurricane shutters to protect windows from flying debris when tropical storms or hurricanes hit the area.

However, there are some financial benefits as well. Hurricane-rated commercial shutters often reduce insurance. As well, if you specialize in producing custom inventory of any kind, if your property is protected you reduce the risk of losses. This includes existing customer orders that might be in progress or recently completed. Let’s not forget you also save time sealing up your property as the shutters are permanently installed.

Why Add Decorative Shutters?

Florida homes are the only properties that can use a little TLC. You can improve the appearance of your business with the addition of decorative shutters to make a good first impression. We can design the shutters to match your brand from sophisticated black, grays, and creams, to whimsical, quirky brilliant colors such as pinks, turquoise or purple. You choose the style and colors you desire, and we’ll produce them to your exact specifications and to the highest quality.

What Should I Look for in Commercial Shutters?

At Master Aluminum, we chose to manufacture one thing and one thing only: shutters. As a result, our focus is always on doing things the right way to produce the best possible product. Our commercial shutters feature superior attention to detail including:

  • Frames, louvers, and blades are assembled from 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions
  • Frame wall thickness is .078. with dimensions of 2.33” wide and 2” deep
  • Louver and blade walls are 0.45 thick with ¼” screw bosses at each end
  • Welded corner joints with 100% penetration produce a unified frame and maximize strength
  • Grounded down joints sanded for a smooth finish
  • No screws are used in the finished product other than on the female Bahama hinge as a safety stop
  • Hinges on colonial shutters are mounted to the frame with 3/16 aluminum rivets and reinforced with ¾” tack welds
  • Blades have a hollow racetrack shape with a height of 2” and a thickness of .375
  • Blades resist bowing in high winds
  • All exterior aluminum surfaces are cleaned and etched, then powder coated with a polyester super durable powder

We can also roll top frames for custom arches on colonial shutters and panels. Add customized details such as nail fins, mounting angles, and other custom accessories to suit your design style.

What is the Difference Between Decorative and Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane rated shutters withstand whatever Florida storms can throw at your property. They protect your windows from impact when flying debris strikes your building, and can withstand winds as strong as those experienced in a category 5 hurricane.

They also add an interesting architectural feature to your property. Decorative shutters on the other hand, are just that. They provide aesthetic details but aren’t designed to open and close over windows. While they aren’t functional, they do provide an attractive decorative detail to enhance your curb appeal.

How Do Shutters Improve the Look of My Business?

Shutters are a quintessential architectural design detail for many historic Florida buildings. They offer a finished look to windows, but can also add some texture and color to a building’s façade. The pop of color can tie things together nicely as well. This is done by matching details like your entry, awnings, or sign. As a result, your business stands out attracting more customers.

When you are in the market for the commercial shutters St. Augustine businesses seek, give the team at Master Aluminum a call @ 727-725-1744 or contact us online.