Master Aluminum has been proudly serving St. Augustine residents for over 30 years! Our products are made with durable extruded aluminum for the best results. Enhance the aesthetic of your home, as well as protect it from hurricanes with custom colonial shutters.

What Are Custom Colonial Shutters?

Custom Colonial shutters are a type of shutter that will make the exterior of your home more appealing. They also ensure you’re safe during a hurricane. Master Aluminum crafts shutters made of sturdy aluminum and hinge to both sides of your window. The side hinges encourage a classic colonial style look while still offering security. Furthermore, it only takes minutes to latch-up your shutters. Making set up a quick and efficient task one person can accomplish.

What’s The Difference Between Bahama and Colonial Shutters?

There are only a few minor differences between custom Bahama shutters and Custom colonial shutters. Colonial shutters latch onto the sides of your windows. They extend using 4 panels and encourage the style of a colonial estate.

Bahama shutters can be extended up to 120 inches using multiple center mullions. Rather than panels like the colonial shutters. This style also latches to the top of your window to mimic the effects of an island look. Hence, the name Bahama shutter. Your choice really just depends on which style you prefer to fit your unique home aesthetic.

Different Custom Colonial Shutter Styles

If You’re Looking To Sell Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your St. Augustine home, colonial shutters are an excellent investment. First impressions are essential, so if the first thing buyers see is pristine shutters, you have a higher chance of selling. The shutters will also remain on the home because of their custom fit to windows. Your buyer will feel at ease knowing they won’t have to purchase or install their own. Not to mention the maintenance is a breeze so your client won’t have to continually keep up with them.

Hurricane Protection

The hurricane shutter version of colonial shutters is exceptionally durable. They’re built to meet the Florida building code for Non-High Velocity Zones. During a hurricane, we can experience things like high winds, flying debris, heavy rains, and flooding. As Floridians, we are familiar with the news of a storm, but we can’t become desensitized. Hurricane protection is necessary, and boarding up your windows with plywood is not an efficient form of protection.

Energy Efficiency

You can save energy when you install shutters by filtering out some St. Augustine sun. Running your AC unit on full power all the time can become costly. So if you restrict some of the light coming into your home, the temperature will be cooler. Additionally, your custom colonial shutters will act as insulation, keeping warm air in during the winter and cold air in during the summer.


Do a thorough inspection of all parts. Make sure nothing is breaking or coming loose, and everything moves fluently. Next, you want to start cleaning. Don’t use a pressure washer; the stream is too harsh. A garden hose will do just fine. Use soft brushes and mild soaps when washing your custom colonial shutters. Harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes will damage shutters. After you have cleaned the panels, lubricate hinges and spray locks with silicone to keep everything comfortably moving in there.

Welded Aluminum

At Master Aluminum, we carefully craft our shutters. We increase strength and durability by creating seamless products through welded construction. Eliminating the use of screws decreases corrosion issues from rust. Furthermore, welded construction gets rid of joints and crevices that are also breeding grounds for rust and other issues. Not to mention, shutters have a powder-coated finish. It’s typically challenging to powder coat shutters because of all the rivets. Luckily though, with our technology, we can monitor the thickness of the powder coat, and inconsistencies are noticed immediately and fixed.


Its recommended you leave the installation to the professionals. But when your shutters arrive, they will be completely ready. Everything will have been pre-cut and measured for your convenience. This makes the installation so much quicker and efficient. Our dealers are prepared to assist you with anything you might need, and all products are warranted for 3 years, 5 years, or 7 years. The warranty depends on the options you choose for sealant, primer, and clear coats.

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