Improving your Virginia Beach home with Bahama shutters is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, choosing the best Bahama shutter manufacturer does not have to be difficult. Here are some reasons to choose Bahama shutters and what to look for in a manufacturer. Also read our blog on why you should chose aluminum shutters here.

Bahama Shutters – A Wise Investment

Bahama shutters have been used in the Caribbean for centuries. Here in the US, they offer homes island-like decorative enhancement. They protect homes from the intense heat of the sun and are a great way to provide shade from the sun for your Virginia Beach home. Not only do Bahama shutters bring an air of the islands to the home they grace, but they also offer a plethora of other benefits.

Our Benefits Include:

  • Bahama shutters improve the appearance of your home. They add charm, moreover, they can also be multifunctional. Yes, they can protect from the heat of the sun but they can also protect your home from hurricanes and other east coast storms. According to the City of Virginia Beach, permanent storm shutters are the best way to protect your home from storms. Bahama shutters are permanent fixtures that can be made to fit a variety of window sizes, balconies, and some doorways.
  • Our Bahama shutter manufacturer construct shutters that are operable from two directions. You can deploy your shutters both the outside and from the safety of inside your home. If a storm is coming and you are not at home in Virginia Beach, you may ask your neighbors to quickly and easily secure your home. Likewise, if you are home, you can deploy your Bahama shutters from outside or from cover within your home, away from the elements. An additional advantage of these functional shutters is an added layer of safety in securing your home from predators. Simply secure and lock your shutters at night or when away on vacation for added peace of mind.
  • You may experience lower energy bills after installing Bahama shutters on your Virginia Beach home as a result of decreasing the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your home because you have these shutters.

Choosing a Bahama Shutter Manufacturer

There are several considerations when deciding who to entrust your home to. You are investing in and trusting a manufacturer with your investment, safety, storm protection, and curb appeal.

  1. Specialization – Choose a manufacturer, such as Master Aluminum, who specializes in the manufacture of the type of product and style you would like, that is shutters and Bahama shutters in particular.
  2. Hurricane-rated shutters – Because of the storms that Virginia Beach experiences, you may want your shutters to serve the dual purpose of aesthetics and protection.  Find out if the manufacturer offers hurricane-rated window protection.
  3. Consistency – in testing, quality, production, and performance of their product. Look for a company that is registered in a quality assurance program such as National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI).
  4. Warranty – of all products in all areas they service, including Virginia Beach.

Master Aluminum – A Superior Choice in Virginia Beach

When it comes to Bahama and Colonial shutters, Master Aluminum is a top of its field manufacturer. We check all of the boxes above. These shutters are our specialty. Some important factors to consider when living in the salt sea water areas such as Virginia Beach are corrosion and pitting. Welded construction makes Bahama shutters strong, extremely durable, and resistant to wear and corrosion.

On-site manufacturing and powder coating of Bahama shutters give us a superior edge. This means that there is tighter control on quality and a quicker turn around for product delivery because there is no third party. We keep all processes in-house. This allows us to accurately predict shipping dates and pass savings on to our customers. All products arrive at the customer ready to install.

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You now know some of the advantages of Bahama shutters and what to look for in a manufacturer. You may be thinking about adding or changing your decorative shutters or investing in operational shutters to protect from storms. Take the next step and contact Master Aluminum at (727) 725-1744. Send us a message and we will respond promptly. We also encourage you to check out our gallery to see some styles and options available to you.