Residents of Jacksonville know the importance of preparing their homes for bad weather. However, many people living in condos or apartments do not think about installing apartment shutters to protect not only their windows but their living space as well.

Hurricane Damage to Condos and Townhomes

When it comes to the destructive effects of severe storms, apartments are just as vulnerable as houses in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is more prone to hurricanes than you may thing. Check out this story from the Jacksonville news. From high-speed winds to pouring rain, the weather can ruin your home and belongings. While the wind itself is dangerous, sometimes blowing over 150 miles per hour, it is often the objects picked up by these strong air currents that cause the most damage. From lawn debris to trash cans and heavy patio furniture, anything not tied down becomes a projectile, easily shattering windows and bringing the hurricane indoors to you.

For those that live on higher floors in condos, the threat of a flood is not as severe. However, heavy rains can still get in through windows that are not boarded up properly. This causes water damage to furniture and personal items as well as the structure of your home. Water damage leads to mildew and mold growth, which can end up turning your home into an unlivable space. Luckily, there are many methods for keeping the elements out of your Jacksonville home, such as apartment shutters, sandbags, and airtight containers.

Benefits of Apartment Shutters

Taking proper safety precautions is one of the best ways to avoid the damages of severe storms. If you live on the first floor or in an area susceptible to floods, place sandbag around your doors. Stock up on flashlights, batteries, canned foods, and first aid supplies. For preparations you can make far in advance, consider installing apartment shutters. After installation, these shades stay up year-round, providing shade and privacy for your Jacksonville home. When the threat of a storm approaches, all you have to do is close and secure your panels. It is simple enough that one person can easily deploy the shutters on their own.

With hurricane-rated apartment shutters, you gain protection from the many harmful elements of a hurricane. The durable aluminum frame acts as a buffer against projectiles carried in strong winds. They also keep heavy rains as well as the wind itself out. Instead of rushing around last minute to board up your windows, installing these shades allows you to focus on things that matter more, like your family and personal items.

Top Styles of Shutters for Jacksonville Homes and Apartments

While hurricane-rated apartment shutters do provide safety and comfort, they also add beauty to the outside of your home in Jacksonville. Many people do not think of how the right style adds to the appeal of their place. Two popular options for Jacksonville homes are Colonial style and Bahama style.

Bahama blinds mount to the top of a window and hinge upwards. They add a Caribbean feel to the exterior of a building, which many people mirror on the inside of their space. With bright color options like coral, turquoise, and lavender, this option adds a pop of color that will transport you to the tropics at a glance.

For a more classic look, many people go with a Colonial option. These panels attach to the sides of a pane and hinge outwards, offering a clear view and lots of natural light when they are open. These shades boost the look of any space, though they compliment brick or vinyl siding the best.

Of course, the best style of apartment shutters for a Jacksonville home depends on the taste of the person living there. No matter the color or design scheme, there is an option to enhance the look of your living space while keeping you safe as well.

Choose Master Aluminum for Top-Quality Products

From apartment shutters to commercial shutters, Master Aluminum has the products to keep your space safe. In addition to our hurricane-rated blinds, perfect for homes in Jacksonville, we also offer decorative foil blade and z-blade options. Looking to protect your commercial property? Read this.

We specialize in Bahama and Colonial styles, allowing us to focus on the detail, design, and quality of our products. In addition, we weld our blinds, ensuring a seamless finish on a durable shade. Our apartment shutters are completed with a powder coated finish that withstands salt deterioration and UV rays.

Master Aluminum offers a three, five, or seven-year warranty, and we are also part of a quality assurance program. To learn more about your options, visit us online or call us at (727) 725-1744.