In a place like Jacksonville, where hurricane season hits hard, window protection is necessary. Custom Colonial shutters are a great way to get the job done. However, Bahama style is also an excellent option. Which of these types best suits you and your home?

Bahama Style Shutters

These Caribbean-style blinds are for the exterior of the home. This means they attach to the outside of a window. These awnings can be opened and closed as you wish. The blind slats are also adjustable to control the amount of light allowed in. This is helpful in a sunny place like Jacksonville.

A great benefit of this style is that they only take one person to open and close. They are also very easy to make hurricane-ready, as all you have to do is pull them down. However, there are some cons to this design. Unlike custom Colonial shutters, these hinge at the top and mount to the top of a window. Because they hinge from the top, not all of these shades offer a wide opening. This can limit the amount of light allowed in, which can limit the view from your windows. However, this offers more reliable and stronger protection in storm season.

Custom Colonial Shutters in Jacksonville

Colonial (or plantation) style blinds are also for the exterior of the home. These panels hinge on the outside and mount to the sides of the frame. This style allows the panels to open away from the window. The view from your window is not obstructed at all with this style.

Like Bahama style, plantation shutters only require one person to handle them. When a big storm hits Jacksonville, it only takes a few seconds to make sure that your windows are ready. Still, there are some cons to a plantation style. These blinds require a storm bar to lock them. The design of these panels also means they cannot protect doors.

Visual Appeal

Both the Caribbean style and custom Colonial shutters offer a decorative way to protect your windows in Jacksonville. Both styles are also made from high-quality materials. These can range from fiberglass to aluminum to composite wood. All materials can achieve a similar look and let you maintain the desired style.

Master Aluminum offers many different colors for Bahama and custom Colonial shutters as well. Standard colors include moss green and dark sienna. More creative custom color options range from unique colors like strawberry red to traffic purple. Painting these window covers the right color can help tie the exterior of a home together.

Hurricane Protection

The most beneficial reason to get Bahama or custom Colonial shutters is hurricane protection. When you are able to cover your windows during a storm, you are ensuring the protection of your home as well as your family. Hurricane protective blinds can keep the glass of your windows from breaking. This will erase the issue of harmful glass shards and also lower the cost of repairs after the storm.

At Master Aluminum, all products are made from aluminum to ensure protection from dangerous storms. We offer products built to meet the Florida Building Code for areas like Jacksonville, which is a Non High Velocity Zone.

Other Options for Window Protection

If you feel that neither of these louvers are for you, there are still other options available. Master Aluminum offers a variety of options to fit your style and your needs. One other choice would be an arched louver. These are perfect for arched windows. They can come in different designs like board and batten. A board and batten design can give your home a historical look and feel in Jacksonville. For hurricane protection, other options range from storm panel, accordion, and roll-down.

Choose Master Aluminum

At Master Aluminum, we specialize in manufacturing Bahama and custom Colonial shutters. Our blinds are welded to guarantee a strong product with a seamless look. We provide window covers that are ready for installation when they ship from our factory. Our company also offers product warranties, and we are part of a quality assurance program. Contact us online or give us a call today at (727)725-1744.