As signs of climate change begin to rise throughout the United States, so does the need for protective structures like hurricane shutters. Tampa homeowners may be closer to areas of high winds than they believe. Massive storms and dangerously high winds are typically rare in Florida but are becoming more common. The once rare tornado is now a more frequent occurrence in addition to tropical storms and cold snaps. Exterior blinds are perfect for protecting against the element and prevent things like blown out windows and potential injury from the glass.

There can also be issues with cheaper builds. For example, strong winds can rip outer frames and blades if they are made of cheap materials like vinyl. Even wood can be too weak to withstand the constant heat and rain of Tampa. If you live within a couple of miles of the ocean, then you will also have to deal with salt sprays. Molecules of salt in the air can reach miles inland and deteriorate paint and materials like wood.

Dangers of Inadequate Hurricane Shutters

Besides not protecting against high winds, cheap shutters can be dangers to your home and property. Since high winds can rip cheap vinyl product from their holding, it can also propel pieces. If your windows are near cars in your driveway, then those pieces can damage the coat of the cars, mirrors, or windshields. While a minor risk, contaminants in plastics like vinyl can also be detrimental to you and your family’s health and the environment.

Contaminants in the plastic can also weaken the tensile strength and the process for making it produces toxic fumes and waste. Working with Master Aluminum allows Tampa property owners to avoid the hassle of blinds quickly deteriorating or being weak. Hurricane shutters must be made of durable and robust materials like aluminum. Unlike other materials, the metal is naturally corrosive resistant and does not rust. While corrosion can still form on the metal, it is easy to remove and maintain.

Top 3 Benefits of Aluminum Constructed Shutters

While it is clear that metal construction is going to last longer than something like wood, there are other significant reasons for choosing only aluminum. For one, it is less costly when comparing it to other materials like steel and wood. Steel can rust and is not as resistant compared to aluminum. Steel is more cumbersome and more expensive to transport and weld. The weight of the metal can also be detrimental to its placement on walls. Overall, it is not the best choice when it comes to hurricane shutters. Tampa homes can receive better quality designs and pricing I working it but professionals that handle all facets of production. Besides being less costly due to materials, buyers can benefit from:

  • Wholesale pricing
  • Custom orders
  • Professional paint finish

Wholesale Pricing

While we do not offer installation, our hurricane shutters are simple to install unlike some products with dozens of screws and confusing instructions. However, affordable wholesale pricing saves buyers thousands during renovations or building a new commercial location. With different frames and design choices like Bahama Z-blade shutters, you can avoid generic looks that do not fit your property. Tampa homeowners can also invest in our products and receive pricing cheaper than getting the same items at a home improvement store.

Custom Orders

The most significant advantage of investing in hurricane shutters is that all your orders are custom and constructed to your exact needs. Dealing with templates means only having access to the most common sizes which may not fit your building. We also offer orders to fit things like archways and even doors. Having all these areas with aluminum blinds is also great for protecting against the heat.

Professional Paint Finish

Another aesthetic and cost-efficient benefit of hurricane shutters from Master Aluminum is the long-lasting finishes. Tampa clients have their choice of dozens of color options to suit their buildings pallet without clashing with other tones. Our process also ensures that the coating on your product is uniform and does not suffer from differences in tone due to improper layering.

Feel Confident and Safe with Aluminum Hurricane Shutters

The right hurricane shutters allow you to rest easy knowing that your frames and blades are not going anywhere. Our designs help prevent your blades from snapping open during high winds and last longer without signs of fading colors. Tampa clients not near high wind zones can also decide on decorative styles for their home or commercial property. You can go online or call (727) 725-1744 today to learn more and place an order.