Colonial hurricane shutters are the perfect addition to any building to control light, enhance privacy and security, and provide protection from the elements. But for those in hurricane-prone cities such as Norfolk, VA, protection from the elements goes beyond a drizzle.

The strength of hurricane winds can shatter windows not protected, and that can bring rain and debris into the building. Preventative measures are crucial to minimizing the cost of repairs. The 2003 disaster that was Hurricane Isabel left over $5 billion in damages in its wake throughout Virginia and other parts of the coastal U.S. It was referred to as “probably the worst storm in a generation” by Governor Mark Warner.

Without knowing when the next destructive hurricane may take place, investing in hurricane preparedness is the best decision for your clients. Compared to other forms of hurricane protection like impact windows, colonial hurricane shutters are a fairly cost-effective solution in Norfolk, VA.

However, not all hurricane shutters are built the same. Master Aluminum specializes in hurricane-rated colonial shutters that are exceptional in product design, consistency in quality, and overall product superiority. When choosing the best hurricane protection to offer your Norfolk, VA clients, Master Aluminum has the wholesale options that look as good as they work.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters: Charming Aesthetics, Reliable Durability

Colonial hurricane shutters from Master Aluminum are more than your average hurricane shutter. The overall strength of the product is superior. Our colonial shutters have a welded construction that molds an otherwise weak product into an extremely durable shutter that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions in Norfolk, VA. Its strength cannot be duplicated with mechanical fasteners and is an example of elite craftsmanship.

Not only do these offer a decorative colonial style that is aesthetically pleasing for your clients’ Norfolk, VA homes or businesses, but they also provide the best hurricane protection with minimal preparation time. Closing the shutters and securing them shut with locking brackets can be done in minutes—a major selling feature.

Master Aluminum’s colonial hurricane shutters look charming and perform even better. They undergo a high-quality manufacturing process that assures a clean appearance and durable performance. Throughout Virginia’s entire hurricane season, these shutters can save Norfolk, VA residents a ton of grief that comes with hurricane damage.

Hurricane-Rated Shutter Features

Colonial hurricane shutters from Master Aluminum are thoughtfully designed and built to protect Norfolk, VA properties for years to come. What makes Master Aluminum shutters different?

  • Welded Construction. A unified, welded frame is the only foundation that a true, state-of-the-art product can be based on. The quality of this product is unmatched.


  • Installation Ready. They are ready to be installed, with pre-drilled holes and all. Whether the installation is a DIY or professional job, the project can be completed swiftly.


  • Building-Code Grade. These shutters are graded to meet building codes for non-high-velocity zones.


  • Adjustable Design. Width and shutter patterns can be selected to accommodate oversized windows. Your clients in Norfolk, VA can simply add up to four folding panels to extend the protection across the entire window.


  • Designed for Living. Master Aluminum shutters are designed to allow some light into the interior of a building when used to enhance the inside atmosphere.


  • Ease of Deployment. Within minutes, the shutters can be unlatched from the open position, closed, and secured with simple and convenient brackets.


  • Variety of Styles. A wide range of construction styles is available under Master Aluminum’s line of colonial hurricane shutters. Your clients can customize shutters to their area’s weather conditions and property’s aesthetic.


Why Choose Master Aluminum Colonial Hurricane Shutters in Norfolk, VA

Available from Master Aluminum, the hurricane-rated colonial shutters with elite features will prepare any property for a storm. You can be confident equipping your clients with these highly durable and efficient shutters.

Quality assurance is guaranteed with a warranty ranging between three to seven years, proving Master Aluminum’s commitment to value. Additionally, Master Aluminum participates in a quality assurance program implemented and upheld by the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI). Not to worry—the price of our hurricane-rated shutters remains competitive. So, you can come to us for your wholesale needs and still offer top-of-the-line products at an affordable price to your customers.


Master Aluminum hurricane-rated colonial hurricane shutters have been preventing catastrophic property damage across Norfolk, VA. Help residents gear up with wholesale disaster-ready essentials. For more information on Master Aluminum shutters, call 727-725-1744, or contact our experienced wholesale sales team online.