If you are looking for Bahama shutters in Orlando or Central Florida, choose Master Aluminum. We are the best manufacturer in the area and offer reasonable wholesale pricing on our products. Our company is the first choice for contractors and the public.  We have a real wood look, with the durability of powder-coated aluminum construction.

The Bahama shutters we manufacture are used in both commercial and residential specified construction and remodeling projects throughout Orlando and Central Florida.

Aluminum Shutters Create the Perfect Vantage Point

Bahama shutters (also known as Bermuda style) are perfect for hot, sunny climates. These outstanding and beautiful window coverings shade the windows from direct sunlight and unwanted radiant heat gains. This feature lowers building energy loads and energy costs. Air conditioners do not have to work as hard, and interiors are kept cooler during the hot summer months.

Energy costs can also be lowered in homes and businesses by allowing windows to be opened for airflow, even when the direct sun hits the Bahama shutters. While they are keeping solar heat transmission in check, they also allow a clear view from the interior of the home or business to the exterior. Even at night, you will have privacy; building occupants can see out, but outsiders cannot easily see inside.

Bahama Shutters Offer Storm Protection

Bahama shutters provide Orlando and Central Florida property owners with storm protection, even during the high winds associated with hurricanes. The construction consists of a single shutter hinged at the top, which attaches securely above the window to the wall or lintel. This design protects the window opening from storms by swinging the shutter closed and flush with the wall and then securing it there. Once closed and while providing storm protection, the design still allows a view to the exterior. Even when in an open position aluminum Bahama shutters provide more storm protection than any other product.

Beyond Functionality: Adding Style and Elegance to Any Building

We as a wholesale manufacturer of Bahama shutters want you to know that our products provide more than energy savings, convenience, and storm protection. They also add style. The addition of quality manufactured Bahama shutters makes homes and businesses stylish. This look and style go back to British colonial times; it conveys an elegant but casual island style often associated with the south and coastal areas. With our decorative and impact shutters we can provide that pop of color that your home needs.

Choose Master Aluminum for High-Quality Shutters in Central Florida

We build our products with the highest quality standards and do our powder coating in-house. This way, we can provide a look that will mimic wood without the hassle of maintaining wood. Whether it is for commercial construction, new residential construction, or home remodeling in Orlando or Central Florida, we offer custom sizes and colors. Bahama shutters add privacy, security, and protection to porches and other open areas. Call us today for your local dealer @ (727) 725-1744 or contact us online for detailed specifications and a quote for your project.