For owners and renters alike in Jacksonville, apartment shutters provide many benefits. However, what makes them worth the time and cost?

Apartment Shutters Provide Privacy and Shade

Exterior blinds are an excellent way to provide privacy or visibility. In the same way, they offer shade or allow light in, depending on what you desire. Shade control can save money on energy costs. Closing the shades keeps heat in during winter and keeps heat out during summer, regulating your home’s temperature more efficiently.

Shutters are a Great Form of Protection

While not all louvers offer the same amount of protection, any form of window covering is better than none. For homeowners and renters in Jacksonville, hurricane-rated shades provide optimal protection while still functioning as an attractive feature of the building’s exterior.

Hurricane-rated louvers are made from aluminum, acting as a secure buffer against the harsh winds and projectiles that a hurricane often stirs up. In addition, they provide protection from heavy rains. Overall, apartment shutters keep the elements outdoors and keep your family safe inside.

Apartment Shutters are Aesthetically Pleasing

Exterior apartment shutters are an attractive addition to any building. Two of the most popular styles are Bahama and Colonial. For buildings with a classic look, such as a brick, a Colonial style is a great option. Bahama style louvers are excellent for homes right on the water in Jacksonville. These blinds achieve a Caribbean or Island-type look, transporting your home from the southeast coast to the Bahamas. Both styles come in a variety of colors to match your taste, whether classic and regal, tropical, or a style entirely your own.

Materials Matter

The materials used to make your apartment shutters can determine whether they are worth it for your home. Since Jacksonville is prone to high levels of humidity and rain, certain materials do not stand up to the moisture. Wood and laminate blinds, though attractive, would eventually sag and suffer from damage.

Plastic panels are moisture resistant and often inexpensive. However, they are not the most stable option. This is especially true for panels that see harsh UV rays, which cause plastic louvers to turn yellow and become brittle.

An aluminum option provides safety, shade, and come in many customizable colors to blend in with the rest of your space. They resist warping and bending and, with the right coating, are rust resistant. Aluminum louvers are well worth the price when you consider the cost of hurricane damage an unprotected home will experience.

Master Aluminum

At Master Aluminum, we create custom hurricane-rated apartment shutters for residents of Jacksonville. Our blinds have durable, seamless finishes that withstand hurricane-force winds. We also paint our panels with a powder to handle the harsh elements of the outdoors. Our company is enrolled in a quality assurance program and offer warranties on our products to guarantee satisfaction. To learn more about our high-quality products, call us at (727) 725-1744 or visit us